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He saved a wolf from a trap and feeds…
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He saved a wolf from a trap and feeds its cubs: years later, the animal returns to visit him

May 31, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Do you believe in fate? Many people think that there is only chance in life and that some so-called coincidences are purely the result of cause and effect without any linkage between them, and then there are those who think that behind some apparently fortuitous and incredible events there is the hand of a higher being that controls our destiny or plays with our lives. The man in this incredible story now firmly believes in fate and in the kindness of a wolf ...

via: Yahoo News

The protagonist in this story which happened in the 1940s tells that he was near the Coho Creek, an Alaskan river, looking for gold when, in the distance, he saw  an animal lying on the ground. The man approached with caution and noticed that it was a wolf; for fear that he might see him and attack him, the gold digger moved away as far as he could, but then he realized that the beautiful animal was not lying on the ground because he was sleeping, but had his paws caught in a wolf trap.

The man knew that he had to do something to save that wolf, and then a brilliant idea came to him: he had noticed that the animal's teats were swollen, so it meant that she had recently given birth and there would be cubs around. So, he tried to imitate the howl of the wolf to attract her babies, and finally four wolf pups showed up so hungry that they started licking the fingers of the human being in the absence of their mother's milk ...

The man knew he couldn't leave the trapped she-wolf alone and certainly couldn't let those four cubs wander alone in search of food without their mother's guidance. So in the following days the Alaskan man always returned to the point where the animal was trapped to bring water and food in abundance; now the four cubs wagged their tails happily when he arrived and played with him, the mother was still wary of humans...

Then suddenly one day the mother wolf began to wag her tail when the man arrived, and he finally decided he would try to free her from her trap now that he felt safer with her and that he had established a relationship of trust with the animal.



After being released, the mother wolf took the man to meet her brood at the den she had built after giving birth to the young; he was so moved by the relationship he had established with those animals that he knew in his heart that it was time to say goodbye, but what the gold digger didn't know is that they would meet again in the most surprising way.

Four years later, the man returned to Coho Creek nostalgically, and as he walked through the woods he saw that the old wolf trap was still there, rusty, that no one had removed; in the throes of a fit of nostalgia, all he could think of was to imitate the cry of the wolf, hoping that his old four-legged friends would come to greet him one last time: would they ever recognize him?

Eventually, a figure he knew well stood out in the distance in response to his howl: it was the mother wolf he had saved from the trap four years earlier! After approaching the man with a wagging tail, she pricked up her ears and walked away; after that, the man never saw that wolf again, nor her cubs, but he knew very well that fate had played a huge role in all their stories.

The wolf who had once been rescued by that kind human, had now recognized him after years of separation in the most unexpected way ever. And who said you can't be friends with a wolf?


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