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16 meaningful images to give us hope…
Poor doesn't mean messy: this homeless man treats his space as if it were his home

16 meaningful images to give us hope in humanity

May 25, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Everyone happens to go through moments of great despair at some time, moments of great inner crisis that may have arisen from unexpected events, traumas, painful losses or loneliness, but which then always lead to very important personal growth. After all, sadness is an integral part of the life of all human beings, as well as happiness, joy and emotion, feelings capable of illuminating for a moment even the darkest moments of our days. .

Here are some of the photos found online that best capture the essence of the complexity of life: moments so moving and full of emotion that they can not help but restore our faith in humanity itself!

Here is the first selfie taken by my grandfather with his cell phone!

Even if the elderly and technology rarely get along, it must be said that this selfie was practically perfect: and the presence of the squirrel in the picture makes everything even more sweeter!

When two generations meet...

 Here is a very moving scene: my 103-year-old great-grandmother holding my two-month-old daughter in her arms!


The moment in which two parents become grandparents...

 Time passe, families grow, but love is eternal!

A very unique priest...

This kind priest "invites" stray dogs from the area to Mass in the hope that someone will fall madly in love with them and adopt them: an extraordinary gesture! 

A very moving photographic shot

My father thought that his deaf-blind dog wouldn't recognize him after a year practically in quarantine, and instead it seems like they've never been apart!


A very special grandmother!

image: Reddit

 She made all these knitted winter hats for a local homeless shelter - what a big heart, and what lovely hand crafted hats!

A brave spouse heedless of danger!

 This newlywed didn't think twice and dived to save the life of a drowning little guest in the middle of a photo shoot!


My great grandmother is 97 years old and sometimes she doesn't recognize the people she loves anymore ...

image: Reddit

 Yet when I introduced her to my one-month-old daughter, her heart literally melted: and mine too!

The story of the bee and the jam

The author of this tender image said: "Today a tiny tired bee landed on my jacket. I offered him some jam from the donut I was eating, he happily licked it, getting the energy he needed to resume his flight. Fly away, little bee!"


Can there be friendship between a dog and a bird?

This exceptional photograph seems to answer our question!

A photograph that apparently has little to say, and instead ...

The author says with great emotion: "My cat was hit by a car on my birthday, about six months ago. In the middle of moving to start my life all over again, I felt sad because I knew that he would have liked my new home. I found one of his whiskers on the floor while I was moving, he's still here in a way." 

One of the last photographs I took of my grandfather...

When he went to heaven he was 97 years old but had the soul of a young man; here he is having fun like a child riding a swing: what sweetness!

The most emotional moment in the life of a father?

 Surely it's the one in which he holds his firstborn in his arms for the first time: what darlings they are!

I told my grandfather that I am officially engaged!

 Although there was a glass barrier between us, the emotion was practically palpable!

A small, but much appreciated gesture!

 The cat will certainly be grateful!

A photographic shot of a tearful child being comforted ...

image: Reddit

This little girl was embraced by a Red Cross volunteer after she lost her parents in a terrible car accident. She was the only survivor because she was protected by her mother... 


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