An 89-year-old man who makes a living by delivering pizza gets a $12,000 tip -
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An 89-year-old man who makes a living…
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An 89-year-old man who makes a living by delivering pizza gets a $12,000 tip

May 23, 2021 • By Alison Forde

A sweet 89-year-old old man has suddenly become famous on social media, in particular on TikTok, without his knowledge, after delivering yet another home pizza to the Valdez family. You got it right: the grandfather, named Derlin Newey, is a delivery man who works for a pizza restaurant to supplement his miserable retirement and, recently, has won the hearts of millions of internet viewers thanks to his story. The man has always delivered the pizzas to the Valdez family with his usual kind ways and they, to thank him and help him, have rewarded him with a $12,000 "tip"! The man was deeply moved when he opened the envelope containing the money and, in the end, when he found out that his story had traveled around the world through social media, he asked quietly: "So, your friends on the internet, do they know why I deliver pizzas?".

How is it possible that an elderly person still works as a delivery man, employed by a pizzeria, 30 hours a week? Unfortunately, these are things that can happen when one's pension is not sufficient for one's livelihood and we are sure that Mr. Derlin's situation is certainly not an isolated case. The elderly man makes do and tries to supplement his pension by delivering pizzas, a service that was certainly heavily used during the Coronavirus pandemic. However, a man his age shouldn't be have to go to work, but should enjoy his retirement as he sees fit and, of course, should be able to live in dignity. The Valdez children had started filming the sweet delivery guy and putting some of their videos on TikTok. Here, the man immediately became the darling of some of their friends and, when the call for a fundraiser for him started, everyone contributed as they could.

Here is the video of the moving moment in which Mr. Derlin receives the money collected as a gift:

Eventually, they were able to raise a whopping $12,000! When Mr. Derlin opened the envelope, he burst into tears of emotion: "I don't know what to say!". True, the man had certainly not asked to be filmed and then published online, but let's also say that $12,000 could be a nice reward for breaking his privacy! Joking aside, Mr. Derlin was truly grateful and heartily thanked the Valdez family and everyone who contributed to his mental and physical health with this gesture.


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