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A husband asks for a divorce: "My wife…
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A husband asks for a divorce: "My wife doesn't wash, iron and does not cook!"

May 16, 2021 • By Alison Forde

An individual's rights and their equality before the law, both for men and for women, must be put into practice first of all at home, in the family environment. How many times have we heard complaints and stories from other people that their spouse is idle and doesn't help keep the house clean and tidy? In reality, no one really likes to spend their free time outside of work cleaning floors, ironing, dusting or washing dishes, but it is a "dirty job" that someone in the house will have to do. And it's more easily done with a little healthy cooperation.

via: Sky TG 24

A man from Foggia, Italy, filed a divorce request with the judge because according to his testimony, his wife has continually violated the obligation of family collaboration; in this case, according to the words of her angry husband, his partner "didn't wash, didn't iron, didn't cook despite the fact that she didn't have a job."

The request for divorce was not favorably looked upon by the Foggia judge, who rejected the husband's argument;  according to the words of the court of the court, the evidence in favor of the man and against the wife was too general to be able to constitute a real case of transgression against the obligation to collaborate at home, since it emerged from the investigations that the husband himself, in addition to taking care of the shopping, didn't do much substantial work in the maintenance of the house himself ...

The judge in fact stressed that both the husband and the wife must contribute to the needs of the family created by them in equal measure and, "it's not appropriate that all the tasks of caring for the house and the children are placed on one spouse, since both are required to carry out the same duties, and this is also in the event that only one of them works, since even the excuse that he had other work to carry out, rather than mere domestic duties would not be admissible, as there were children, who also had to raised."

In short, it seems that this husband has gone from the frying pan into the fire despite the divorce petition; maybe next time, he might try to do a little work in the house too, despite the difficulties with his wife. After all, the home is a shared responsibility!



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