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A woman gives birth to a pair of very…
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A woman gives birth to a pair of very different twins: one has light skin, the other dark

May 11, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Pregnancy is certainly a magical and delicate moment in a woman's life, but it can also be very traumatic and tiring. We always think of the idea of giving birth as a natural thing, "which everyone did, even our grandparents", underestimating that, in reality, complications can happen. After all, even without specific problems, keeping another baby in your womb for 9 months is certainly not a walk in the park. For Sarah Jones, pregnancy meant quite a traumatic time, but she would do it all over again today, considering her beautiful children. Already the mother of two girls, Sarah has given birth to a very special pair of twins: one has light skin, while the other has dark skin! Twins, but dramatically different: a rare genetic case that in people like Sarah Jones is not even that unusual.

The young mother was very worried when she found out she was pregnant another time, considering that in the previous 6 months she had already had to terminate 2 pregnancies. She didn't want to have more children due to her difficult situation, but in the end the desire to carry the pregnancy to term was more intense. A pregnancy that was actually painful, also considering her living situation, but which in the end made her a very happy mother: the twins, Malachi and Malaysia, were born at just 28 weeks, but they made it!

"When I found out I was expecting twins I was completely shocked, but happy. But then my pregnancy was complicated, my cervix shrank and the doctors started worrying too, but now they are the greatest satisfaction of my life," said the young mother. The two little twins were born premature, at just 28 weeks, but they were strong and eventually overcame all adversity. Sarah did nothing but cry when she saw the nurses running back and forth, busy with them. 

image: Instagram / chi_aysia_jones

The unusually diverse appearance of the twins immediately catches the eye: the girl has light skin, while the boy has dark skin. Initially it was not so noticeable, but after the first month of life it was evident and the more they grew, the more their differences were accentuated. When she walks down the street, Sarah is repeatedly stopped by curious people who ask her if they are both her children, if they are adopted or if they have different fathers.

She doesn't care at all about what people think, because her children are her greatest joy and despite the many difficulties, she would do it all again! 


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