Grandparents pierce their granddaughter's ears without her parents' knowledge: they forbid them to see her alone -
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Grandparents pierce their granddaughter's…
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Grandparents pierce their granddaughter's ears without her parents' knowledge: they forbid them to see her alone

May 06, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Sometimes the relationship that is built between the parents of a recently born child and the child's grandparents is not always the best. Whether the grandparents are the parents of the child's father or mother, this does not matter, sometimes grandparental intrusiveness can undermine the balance of the family nucleus, leading to friction, misunderstanding, quarrels and estrangements. As happened to this family; the father, an anonymous man who used Reddit as his personal outlet, recounted his unpleasant experience with his newborn daughter's grandparents.

The man says that he and his girlfriend (they are not married) have a little girl named Thalia; since they both often work during the day, they leave the little girl with her paternal grandparents, where the child always has a lot of fun; until, however, the grandparents broke one of the fundamental rules that mom and dad had imposed: no pierced ears for Thalia.

The fact is that one day, the grandparents took their granddaughter to the house of a family friend who didn't think twice about piercing her ears with the consent of the two grandparents, contravening Thalia's parents' decision, behind their son's back, that is the father of the child. The man was absolutely furious and very disappointed: “I never liked the idea of ​​doing it when the child still can't agree. My girlfriend's parents pierced her ears when she was little and she always hated wearing earrings. We agreed that it will be up to Thalia when she is older whether to get piercings in her ears or elsewhere"

The consequences were quite drastic; at first the parents cut Thalia's grandparents out of their family life but then, following advice from friends and relatives, they decided to mitigate the "punishment": Thalia's paternal grandparents could no longer see her alone, mum or dad would always be there with them. What is certain is that, as the girl's father finally affirms, many relatives and friends still disagree with this equally drastic decision: "They keep telling us that we are bad because we are still punishing them for something not so serious!"

Reddit users have generally taken the side of parental choice, as long as this "punishment" against little Thalia's paternal grandparents doesn't last too long.

What do you think of the decision made by this mom and this dad?


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