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A stepmother goes on a rampage when…
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A stepmother goes on a rampage when she finds out that her step-daughter named her unborn child after her biological mother

April 27, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When a family discuss the name to be given to an unborn child, opinions, preferences for one or the other, tensions between the various members of the same family, can generate friction that can be difficult to heal with a simple civil discussion. After all, the choice of the name to be given to a future heir of the family family tree is never simply a competition on which name sounds better, which is shorter or which is too long. It's never like that, and that's why arguments are always around the corner ...

To tell an absurd story of a family quarrel, an anonymous woman on Reddit has expressed all her frustration with the behavior of her stepmother. In fact, the woman says she lost her birth mother when she was still very young and was always raised by her father and his partner, her father, in this case her stepmother in all respects. When the woman was finally expecting a baby, she said that the name she had chosen for her daughter was absolutely unacceptable for her stepmother, generating rather unpleasant tensions. The woman said: "My stepmother has three children, my father had me when he was only 26. They married when I was 5 and her children were 3, 8 and 11. My mother passed away when I was 3 and from the beginning of their marriage and I had gone from living at home with mom to living with them. My stepmother was very good, she started treating me exactly like her children and now she is the grandmother of two grandchildren and they both take their names from her. Her granddaughter has her name, her grandson has a male variant. I had my daughter a couple of weeks ago and I named her after my mother and my husband's mom.

Her name caused quite a stir because my stepmother's name was not part of her new granddaughter's name. I didn't notice this at first, but then my response to their perplexity was that I wanted to call her after my mother and my husband's mom (who is still alive) and that she (the stepmother) already has both her grandchildren with her name ... "

The post then ended with these words: "I was very upset and started crying. My father told me that the way I announced it makes it seem like my stepmother is not my little one's grandmother. I told him that my biological mom was my little one's grandmother in the same way my dad is their children's grandfather. In response, they said it was different and I told them it really wasn't. And I'm the bad one in all this? What do you think? "

Which side would you take in this whole story: the side of the stepmother (and therefore of the girl's father), or of the young mother who chose the name of the natural mother for her daughter?


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