A woman finds a live snake inside the…
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A woman finds a live snake inside the bag of salad she bought at the grocery store

May 12, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Do you think certain things can only happen in movies? Well, you are very wrong. A story that is making the rounds of the web and that has shocked not only the directly interested party but also many readers seems to have actually come out of a fanciful tale to scare people. But reality, unfortunately, sometimes surpasses fiction itself, and we assure you that the images you are about to see have left us astonished too, and quite shocked!

The misadventure they will surely never forget happened to an Australian family living in Mosman, near the metropolis of Sydney; they had gone shopping at the large Aldi supermarket, but when they returned home, while they were arranging the bags and the various products they had bought, they made a shocking discovery: inside the plastic bag with the fresh lettuce there was a snake, hiding and alive!

How was it possible that this insidious and dangerous animal ended up in there?


The answer never came, but the fact is that the mother of the family Lesley Kuhn immediately alerted WIRES, the Australian Area Wildlife Information, Rescue and Rehabilitation Service, but not before taking some photos and posting the the shocking and chilling images of the snake hiding in the lettuce on her Facebook profile : "Check the packaged lettuce you buy at the supermarket carefully. Last night my son found a pale-headed baby snake among the lettuce we bought!"

Thanks to the analysis oby WIRES and the information provided by the Queensland Museum, it was discovered that that specimen was a Hoplocephalus bitorquatus, or better known as the "pale-headed snake", endemic to the geographical area of ​​Australia, not particularly dangerous to human beings, but which usually lives near the east coast of the continent of Oceania and which can reach, as an average size, up to half a meter in length.



Although the Aldi supermarket chain has not yet clarified how it was possible that that specimen of snake ended up in a packaged bag of lettuce, we are absolutely certain that the Kuhn family was not so happy to find a rare snake in the salad they had bought the day before: if we had been in their shoes, we would have become 100% carnivores in no time!


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