Mom sees her son's damaged hands and is moved: he works in the workshop to help the family -
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Mom sees her son's damaged hands and…
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Mom sees her son's damaged hands and is moved: he works in the workshop to help the family

April 07, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Being the parents of one or more children is not a  walk in the park at all; you bring them into the world, raise them, educate them, ensure that every day they have bread and water to feed themselves, clothes enough to wear every day, school materials to support their learning. In short, having a child or more than one in the family is a great responsibility for mom and dad. One thing that Cassandra Lane knows well; a happy mother of five children, who has always had to make many sacrifices at home to make sure no one wants for anything, despite financial difficulties.

Precisely for this reason, Cassandra knew she was raising children who were much more aware than their peers; maybe they wouldn't have the same comforts and luxuries as the other kids, but Cassandra didn't care: she was teaching them very important values, such as sacrifice, work, the value of earning money with commitment and tenacity.

But a doubt had crept into the mind of this exemplary mother. Had she done something wrong?


One day, while Cassandra was taking her eldest son to be in the group photo for the school album, she noticed something wrong with his fingernails, but at the same time something too familiar to her: those dirty black nails she had already seen on her father and her husband...

They were the nails of someone who worked hard in the workshop or on a construction site, and that was exactly what Zeke, Cassandra's eldest son, did during the summer to try to bring home a little more money and to make ends meet...


Cassandra felt terribly guilty: perhaps she had been too harsh and severe towards her children? Did Zeke and his siblings deserve a more carefree life like that of their peers? Had she been a bad mother in spite of everything? All these doubts crept into the woman's mind as she took Zeke to take the photo for the end-of-year school album.

But a touching conversation between her and her eldest son gave her great heart. Zeke had noticed that his mother had been feeling insecure and very nervous for days, and finally asked her, "Why are you unhappy? For teaching me that I have to work to get everything I really want? For teaching me that money has a value? For teaching me that nothing is really owed to me?"

After those words, Cassandra really felt her heart swell with love and gratitude towards her children: then it wasn't true that she had been too severe and bad a mother! Indeed, she became even more proud of her son Zeke when he revealed that he would buy a new canoe for his younger brother with the savings from his work: Cassandra couldn't ask for anything better from her children! 

A story that teaches us a very important lesson: a good education does not necessarily derive from being able and willing to own luxury items or games consoles that do nothing but spoil our children and are questionable for their mental growth, but the acquisition of important values from a young age is essential to ensure that they become exemplary adults in the future!

Well done mom Cassandra!



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