Four sisters are pregnant at the same time and will give birth to their children within a few months of each other -
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Four sisters are pregnant at the same…
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Four sisters are pregnant at the same time and will give birth to their children within a few months of each other

April 06, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Would you ever believe that pregnancy can be "contagious"? No, we are certainly not referring to some form of virus, but how often does it happen, that if a woman becomes pregnant, there is a good chance that the women who surround her, whether they are sisters, cousins, relatives or simply friends, will become pregnant in a short period and be pregnant for the first time in their lives. The incredible story that we want to tell you today is happening in California and concerns four special sisters caight up in a rare event!

via: CBS Local

We are talking about the curious case of the Gaines sisters: Katie, Haley, Amy and Caroline, all four born 18 months apart (two of them in fact are twin sisters), and all four are currently expecting a baby for the first. time. How is this possible? Did they talk about it before hand and decide to "plan" the pregnancies to support each other?

In reality it seems that this is not exactly the case, indeed the Gaines sisters have repeatedly stated that these four pregnancies were not at all organized around the table, but that this rare event now makes them feel younger, sparkling and more full of enthusiasm for the future that will come for the family that is inevitably expanding!

The first to get pregnant was Katie, followed by the other three sisters; two of them are expecting a boy, while the remaining two Gaines sisters are eagerly awaiting the arrival of two girls! A particularly rare event, which is difficult to find, in the same period, to four sisters who share so much, not only on a biological level.

Dealing with four pregnancies at the same time is not at all as simple as it seems, but we are absolutely sure that Katie, Haley, Amy and Caroline Gaines will be able to navigate through this moment which is so important for their lives with a grit and determination that will do them honor. After all, becoming mothers for the first time and all together is not exactly something that happens every day, is it?

Congratulations, Gaines Sisters!


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