Boy spends all his savings to donate a bicycle to the gas station attendant who helped him -
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Boy spends all his savings to donate…
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Boy spends all his savings to donate a bicycle to the gas station attendant who helped him

April 06, 2021 • By Alison Forde

An act of kindness towards those less fortunate than us costs nothing; sometimes the most spontaneous and pleasing actions are those which come directly from the heart, without anyone pushing us to put it into practice. It's the hands suddenly outstretched, the smiles to people less fortunate than us or simply, the favors returned to those who wanted to give us a hand when we were in difficulty that can make the difference in this world...

via: Times Live

One thing Mandy Preston and her son Vaughn know very well. The two live in Gillits, South Africa, and both are very passionate about bicycles and cycling in general, so much so that when they can they go out together for long runs and outings in the open air, it's on their favorite means of transport. One day, while mom and son were riding their respective bicycles, Vaghn didn't feel well, and they suddenly had to stop at a gas station.

There a gas station attendant named Tony approached the boy to ask him if he was all right and to hand him a glass of water to calm him down and to make him feel a little better.


This simple yet extraordinary act of kindness on the part of the gas station attendant, Tony, didn't go unnoticed by mom Mandy and especially her son Vaughn; the child and the gas station employee continued to talk and make friends over the next few days, so the child discovered that Tony was also a bike enthusiast and would soon be able to buy one ...

At that point, Vaughn came up with a brilliant and at the same time very touching and generous idea: "Vaughn asked me if I really wanted to take a vacation this year and, asking him why, he said he would rather invest his savings, saved to go on vacation that summer, just to help Tony get his much-desired bicycle," said mom Mandy


And so it was, Vaughn didn't think twice and helped as much as he could to buy a new bicycle for the kind gas station attendant who had helped him that day; when the gas station manager and the employees also learned that the little boy was saving up to buy Tony a bike, they were happy to participate too!

Of course, Tony was not only surprised at that wonderful act of kindness born from the idea of a 10-year-old boy, but he was also quite touched when he saw the bike: "Our children make us proud on so many occasions, but today my heart and his were so full of joy when we saw that kind man's face as he, rather stunned, accepted this gift from this 10-year-old boy ..." said Mandy.


A beautiful story that reminds us of a very important thing: an act of generosity never goes "unrewarded" for long; sooner or later, the extraordinary kindness we have put into practice will come back to us in the most unexpected and joyful way!


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