Two brothers refuse to invite their…

Two brothers refuse to invite their father to their mom's funeral after discovering that he had been cheating on her for years

April 03, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When we are young, we all have a romantic idea of our parents: they seem to us to be a couple that have more the features of a single and inseparable entity, who will always and in any case love each other and who are not touched by the difficulties of life. Then we grow up and begin to understand that they too are human beings of flesh and blood, that they are much older than us and that for this reason they have had a greater experience. Since mom and dad are human, they too can argue, and sometimes, unfortunately, they can also divorce or even cheat on each other ...

An anonymous teenage boy wanted to tell of his experience with his family; he turned to a Reddit group and asked users for advice as to whether his decision towards his father, taken by mutual agreement with his brother, was too hard or not: "My parents had not been together for 10 months because mom found out she had been cheated on with a friend of my dad's, for I don't know how many years. I can't believe my dad hurt her like this and it saddened me to see the way my mom was left. She tried to be strong for us, but I was awake every night listening to her cry. "

Since the father left the family for his friend, the two brothers had never spoken to him again, and unfortunately things quickly fell apart; after less than a year, the boys' mother passed away and the funeral, reserved only for a very few close friends, was organized by the older of the two brothers and their grandmother ...

On the day of the funeral, however, uninvited, the father of the boys showed up looking very contrite and saddened; it had been 10 months since he had spoken to his family. The anonymous boy went on to tell: "I told him to leave and that we didn't need any support from him; after some resistance, our father eventually left."

Although some family members disagreed with the boys' decision, they eventually respected it; many Reddit users took the brothers' side, even if not everyone was completely in agreement with them: a last goodbye should not be denied to anyone, after all.

How would you have lined up in this situation?


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