Exhausted firefighter collapses to the…
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Exhausted firefighter collapses to the ground with the little dog she just saved from the flames

April 10, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Embarking on a career as a firefighter is an honor and at the same time a choice dictated by passion and determination; certainly, putting out fires and bringing situations that could be dangerous for the safety of citizens under control, is not a walk in the park, and for this reason our firefighters and firefighters need all our support for everything they do for us every day ...

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Pubblicato da Canal 2 - Deán Funes su Lunedì 8 febbraio 2021

A photographic that is suddenly making the rounds of the web is the one which portrays an Argentine firefighter who, after a long and tiring day of work putting out more than one fire, collapsed to the ground exhausted, but she was not alone: a sweet four-legged friend snuggled next to her, a dog that had been saved from one of the many fires that had broken out in the city of El Bolsòn and that were compromising the safety of the inhabitants ...

The firefighter in the viral image is called Ivana Catalàn. She has done this valiant job for eight years and she is also a great lover of animals, for this reason, when she collapsed exhausted, she was snuggles up with the frightened little doggie ...


The fires that had broken out in the city of El Bolson had started around midnight and were only put out at nine in the morning; a very long and exhausting job for the whole fire service, so it was not surprising that Ivana, at the end of the long shift, decided to lie down on the ground after nine hours of extinguishing the flames. But at the time of her nap she was by no means alone; the pictures taken and posted by a colleague speak for themselves: "I love pets, so it didn't bother me at all when the puppy came to me."

The frightened little dog had been saved from the fire that raged through his house, but thanks to the tenacious and valiant work undertaken by Ivana's firefighting team, he had come out safely, and now he was crouched right next to one of his rescuers!



Ivana couldn't believe that that touching photo would go around the web so quickly and with so much enthusiasm: "I didn't know what impact the photo would have. It wasn't the best situation we were going through, but the image taken gives a perfect idea of the hard work of the fire brigade."

A work that should be applauded every day by all of us; thank you Ivana for what you do for our safety and for what your colleagues do: for sure, that sweet four-legged friend will not forget that you saved his life!

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