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A mother decides to sell some of her…
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A mother decides to sell some of her children's toys to buy bar furniture: a choice that caused some discussion

April 01, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When one becomes a parent, priorities and responsibilities change dramatically, and your children become the center of your universe. While it is absolutely correct to pay close attention to their up-bringing and well-being, it is also important not to lose sight of their individuality and needs. Of course, without exaggerating: there must be a particular balance between parenting and some healthy selfishness - a balance that, without even saying it, hangs mostly on the child's side. The story of Rebecca Rushworth, a mother who chose to sell some of her children's toys on eBay to build herself a bar to be placed under the stairs, fits into this delicate and debated issue. A decision dictated only by selfishness or also justified by the context? Rebecca has given her explanations and doesn't seem to feel guilty about her decision.

via: The Sun

Rebecca Rushworth couldn't stand the idea of seeing the space underneath the staircase leading to the upper floor of her house unused, and for weeks she planned an improvement to embellish that corner while making it more functional. Creating a "mini-bar" area was her main goal: a corner that was dedicated only to the adults of the house, where you can have a quiet drink, perhaps inviting some friends to partake. To make her little dream come true, Rebecca sold some of the toys belonging to her two children, Sienna (5 years old) and Frankie (3 years old). 

In a post on Facebook, the woman commented on her choice: "I've been thinking about what to do with this space under the stairs for a long time now. I used to go to Pinterest every day and this bar furniture kept showing up in my suggestions, which I took as a sign. After a few glasses of wine, I called the carpenter and put some junk on eBay. " The "junk" Rebecca is referring to are her children's toys, the ones that she herself defines as "long unused" and which remained in her house gathering dust.


On the one hand, getting rid of old objects cluttering up the house is not a bad idea, even if they are toys that children no longer use, but on the other hand, Rebecca's gesture appears deeply selfish. What do you think about it? Sienna and Frankie were upset when they learned that their mom had given away some of their toys, but on the other hand, as their mother claims, they will soon recover from their disappointment. Not that these kids lack toys, of course! 

With the money earned from the sale on eBay, the woman was able to make a perfect piece of furniture for the space and also bought a neon sign that read "BAR".

What do you think of Rebecca's choice? Let us know in the comments!


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