At 50 he doesn't want to work orleave home: his mother asks the judge to force her son out -
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At 50 he doesn't want to work orleave…
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At 50 he doesn't want to work orleave home: his mother asks the judge to force her son out

March 21, 2021 • By Alison Forde

What would you do if your child stayed with you as parents until they reached the age of 50? Of course, the economic situation doesn't help some people to find a job that is well enough paid and that can allow a certain stability and the possibility of building an independent life. But despite this, there are other people who, all in all, are all too happy to stay in the situation of relative well-being and stability with their parents, and prefer to live at home with them, without extra expense or taking on adult responsibilities.

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A bizarre story was revealed in Turin, Italy, and it's told by the mother of a son who, at the age of 50, just doesn't want to leave home; in such a situation one might expect that at least the man would help out at home, help pay a share of the bills with his parents and have a stable job, but no, not even that.

The woman, was exhausted by the situation and she has decided to request her son's removal, first by contacting the carabinieri (one arm of the Italian police), and then the localprosecutor. Her cry is the desperate cry of a mother who would like her child out of the house, finally: "Help me to get rid of him, I want to live in peace!"


The woman said: "I also offered him some money, 300 or 400 euros a month to leave, but he wouldn't accept it. He says he is fine here, in my house [...] He doesn't use drugs, he doesn't drink alcohol, he doesn't attack me but he doesn't really want to listen to me. He just keeps his room clean, but then he doesn't help me with the housework. He's a couch potato, but he's almost 50 years old and I can't keep him forever! "

In short, it seems that mom and dad would have found it very difficult to "get rid" of their son, since in the past, as his mother tells us, he would get very irritated if she told him to find a job and have an independent life: "And when I told him to get a job, he would punish me; the intercom broke, there was damage to my car. He said it was his friends but I knew it was him! "

Fortunately, the Turin court has agreed to the eviction requested by the desperate mother thanks to an unexpected agreement from the judge: what will become of this poor boy of "only" 50 years old?


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