This woman is a skilled plumber, electrician and welder: she has astounded everyone and built her own house -
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This woman is a skilled plumber, electrician…
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This woman is a skilled plumber, electrician and welder: she has astounded everyone and built her own house

April 19, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Over the course of a few decades, the role of women in society has changed a great deal, and although most Western women can be defined as emancipated today, the road to equal rights is still very long. Unfortunately, our history is dotted with dominant male figures and it is no wonder that we still struggle today not to label a "child's" toy or a "men's" job. For example, we are sure that in your life you will have come across male plumbers or electricians much more often than women. Why? Certainly these are tiring jobs and, consequently, we tend to classify them as purely male jobs. However, Ilda Lamas is an exception and an example of how women can be much more than self-sufficient.

The protagonist of this story, in fact, literally built her own house. Ilda is a skilled plumber, electrician and welder, who has nothing to envy in her male colleagues who dominate this type of profession. As if that weren't enough, she is also very good at masonry and she knows house painting techniques: a natural talent, which she actively uses not only to build her own home, but also as an "emancipatory flag" for the female gender. Ilda used to work as a maid before her, but she claims to enjoy her new profession as a handyman much more than her old one. 

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The woman began to take an interest in construction and this type of profession about fifteen years before her story was widely disseminated. A neighbor of hers urged her to pursue her dream and she, being very motivated, decided to attend a vocational school in her area. Ilda says that on the first day of classes she felt very embarrassed because there were only men in the classroom. "I was ashamed, so I went away". Ilda told how she skipped her first day of school, therefore, because she was ashamed of being the only woman present. How could she endure this, being the only woman? Fortunately, the woman was persistent and the next day she came back, albeit always hesitant at the door of the classroom. The teacher asked her if she was looking for anyone in particular, but she explained "bravely" that she was a student and without hesitation, the teacher told her to sit in the classroom. 


For Ilda it was not easy to fit into an exclusively male working environment and she has repeatedly been the victim of deplorable incidents in which very rude people have accused her of not being very competent as a woman. Obviously, it's not like that: Ilda is very good at her job and thanks to word of mouth from friends and colleagues she has managed to make herself known in the world. Despite all her difficulties, she prefers to pursue her own dream and follow her path, rather than working as a maid, as she did before.

Congratulations to this determined woman!



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