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Extraordinary families: 15 examples…
At the age of 76, he works every evening as a delivery boy to provide for his disabled wife: his pension is no longer enough for them

Extraordinary families: 15 examples of families with a keen sense of humor

April 17, 2021 • By Alison Forde

There are many types of families. There is the family that is all in one piece, all home and church, faithful to its values, very united and very, very serious; and then there are those families that are exactly the opposite: its members are bubbly, jovial, always have a joke ready, but at the same time they are not superficial or have a lack of feeling. The truth is that very often the members of society who battle most "against the tide" or who have a healthy dose of irony are the most intelligent and creative ones. For this reason we have selected for you some photographic images taken by members of lively, ironic families who have such a strong sense of humor that is impossible not to notice!

My son was stopped by a policeman: he was going too fast!

image: Imgur

An almost perfect shot: my father trying to chase the cat from his tomato plants!


I beg you son, please don't go!

There's a delightful and funny story behind this Christmas photo ...

The creator of the shot says: "My son started crying when he saw Santa Claus, so I decided it would be a good idea if we joined in crying too!" 

What a bad dad, you don't point a water gun at your little boy!

image: KramDa/reddit

Can't decide on how to decorate your Christmas tree?

This couple had the perfect solution: "My wife and I never agree on how to decorate the Christmas tree. 4 years ago we started decorating it in two halves as if it were a joke ... it seems that it is going well!"

Leave your little brother to freeze? Done!


Apparently Flash beat Wonder Woman with his .... speed!

 And not just with speed: this child in a Flash costume has ruined Wonderwoman's perfect photo shoot!

Years ago, I encased my brother's Christmas present in concrete - only I could conceive of such a thing!


I replaced the image of Jesus with that of Obi-Wan Kenobi three months ago: no one at home has noticed it yet ...

image: Reddit

My parents wanted to go and travel around the world, so for Christmas I gave them the perfect gift ...

A beautiful suitcase with a personalized design; in the center there's me and the phrase "We love our son!" 

While these two fight, she is the winner!

This image testifies to the truth of a certain saying ...

image: fourg/Reddit

Have you guessed it too? Well, the saying is: "Like father, like son"! 

My mother made up the bed where I will sleep for the weekend: too bad I'm 27 years old!

When Christmas comes and your parents bring all their sarcasm ....

Do you think they will have a "less" favorite child? Looking closely at these decorated socks ... something tells us it's Allison! 

A healthy dose of humor in my parents guest bathroom...

image: SiKK42/Reddit

I'm sitting on the toilet, swiping my phone, I look up and what am I faced with? A frog sitting on a toilet staring at a smartphone.

How ironic!

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