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A father gives an ultimatum to his daughter:…
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A father gives an ultimatum to his daughter: "either you find a real job and pay some rent or you leave home"

March 18, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Parents raise their children in the hope that they will one day be fully formed adults and acquire their independence. Many parents contribute to the expenses necessary for the maintenance of their children until they are complete independant, while others refuse to continue to support their offspring who are already adults and grown up. This is the case of a father, who gave his 24-year-old daughter an ultimatum: either she finds a real job that allows her to contribute to the family's expenses or she can leave home. It's the father who tells the story.

The man says that his daughter had to return to live with him and his wife. The young woman, whose identity remains unknown, went to live alone at 19 but - due to some unexpected events - she was forced to leave her apartment. The young woman studies at the university and works as an assistant. She doesn't receive a monthly salary but she is paid every six months on an hourly basis. Although the girl is a working student, her father claims she should pay him rent. The fact that the young woman in question is his daughter does not change things: the man says he cannot let an adult woman live in his home for free.

So one day he decided to talk to her and confront her: his daughter says she is doing her best but is overwhelmed by work and study. Her father told her that being an assistant is not a real job and that she needs to find a job that will allow her to cover her monthly rent. The man then gave her an ultimatum: if she doesn't find a job that allows her to contribute to the household expenses, she will have to leave home and find other accommodation.

The daughter began to cry, claiming that she is doing a real job and that the sum she receives is barely enough to cover her rent and her student loan debt. The man's wife, and the girl's mother, overheard the conversation and flew into a rage with him: she accused her husband of being insensitive and defended her daughter, who shows commitment and dedication in what she is doing. In fact, the girl wakes up at dawn, sleeps very little, studies, works on her thesis and continues to work as an assistant. She is not lounging around or wasting time but she is investing in her future.

The woman continues to ignore her husband, and so we wonder who is wrong and who is right. Up to what point should parents be responsible for supporting their children? Shouldn't they show understanding and appreciate their commitment? Is it right to give an ultimatum to a young woman who is committed and who momentarily needs the help of her parents?

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