At 15 he loses his father and works in low paid jobs to be able to pay for his studies himself: now, he is a model student in medicine -
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At 15 he loses his father and works…
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At 15 he loses his father and works in low paid jobs to be able to pay for his studies himself: now, he is a model student in medicine

March 18, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Don't be convinced by anyone that it's too late to make your dreams come true. Despite the difficulties of life and the thousand problems that arise and the obstacles to overcome, life is full of infinite surprise and a thousand opportunities that are waiting just around the corner. For this reason, the motivational story we tell you today will teach you once again to never give up and to pursue your dreams, whatever the cost ...

This is the story of Luis Gustavo, a young man from Brazil who had to earn money independently as a teenager in order to survive; at the age of 15 he lost his father after a long illness, he then lived under the care of his paternal grandfather but he too passed away.

To be able to support himself independently Luis has done many jobs: from waiter to packer boxes, from assistant in a pharmacy to gardener; anything to earn money to be able to continue studying and realize his dream, of becoming a doctor!

All the savings that Luis has earned over the years have allowed him to take the university entrance tests for the Faculty of Medicine, but then he had to drop out halfway because the fees were unaffordable, and alone he could not make enough to pay for such a demanding course of study.

While working as a gardener at his uncle's house, the Brazilian boy saw his life change forever: he finished fifth in the ranking for the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Palmas, and for this reason he won a scholarship to move there and undertake this new chapter of his life.


Luis just had to find enough money to be able to pay the rent in the distant city: how would he do it? The solution at the beginning was not at all obvious: the boy started selling everything he owned, he practically dismantled his room by selling off his clothes, the bed, the furniture, and even the books, until the story of Lusi Gustavo came to the notice of Shirley Costa.

This woman, who was born from very humble origins and who believed in her dreams, has now become responsible for a line of cosmetic products, and she met Luis and his family and was touched by the precarious situation of the boy who had won the study scholarship. Moved by the boy's good will and talent, Shirley decided to give him a whole year's rent in the city of Palmas out of her own pocket; Luis couldn't believe it ...

This story is the perfect testimony of how in life a person's journey can always take unexpected turns, and that fighting hard to realize one's dream, in the end, is always worth the battle.

Congratulations, Luis!


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