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"My mother-in-law is horrible": a grandmother…
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"My mother-in-law is horrible": a grandmother refuses to recognize her granddaughter because she looks too much like her daughter-in-law

March 15, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The relationship between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law can be the most idyllic and serene of all, but at the same time, there are chilling stories that testify to the opposite: that a mother-in-law can really be too cumbersome a presence in the life of the new family unit that is is formed: too attached to protecting their son or daughter and often far too .... nosy. The story that this desperate and incredulous daughter-in-law told on Reddit has left all the readers who saw her outburst and who have tried to give her a dispassionate opinion, speechless.

The anonymous woman, the daughter-in-law of this totally inappropriate mother-in-law, told on Reddit that her mother-in -law had refused to recognize her granddaughter suddenly, despite having previously been available to help the future mother in the difficult work of parenting a newborn by providing advice and help when she needed it. But something changed radically when the woman gave birth ...

The little girl's father had decided to take a picture of the newborn baby's face and send it to all the family to make them aware of the arrival of the new family member. When the paternal grandmother saw the photo of her granddaughter she replied verbatim: "She looks too much like her", referring to the features of her daughter-in-law's face ...

This physiological resemblance sent the paternal grandmother into a rage, and she apparently could not bear to raise a granddaughter who was too similar to her daughter-in-law, and who certainly would have preferred that she be more like her son. The daughter-in-law, shocked by the decision made by her mother-in-law not to want to be part of the life of her newborn granddaughter, then analyzed the situation with a calmly: she would go on with her life, and with that of the newborn, as if her mother-in-law did not exist.

Reddit readers who have patiently read this terrible story of family squabbles have definitely sided with the daughter-in-law and have evenly condemned the mother-in-law for this seemingly incomprehensible and childish attitude.

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