She doesn't wear a bra in the workplace: colleagues criticize her inviting her to "change her attitude" -
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She doesn't wear a bra in the workplace:…
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She doesn't wear a bra in the workplace: colleagues criticize her inviting her to "change her attitude"

March 18, 2021 • By Alison Forde

We all know that every situation we find ourselves we need to consider how to fit into the culture and to comply with the rules, especially if we don't make them. At school, for example, one cannot show up with unsuitable clothes, as well as at university, theoretically, one could not show up for an exam in flip-flops and beach shorts. In the workplace, the issue is the same and it is also amplified: incorrect or inappropriate behavior in the office could cost a career. Of course, it depends on the working environment and the rules imposed on employees. In any case, who is it that would risk losing a job because they decided not to cover their tattoos or to wear unsuitable clothes? On Reddit, a woman wanted to hear from other readers after revealing that she doesn't wear a bra in the office, a practice that has generated many complaints from her colleagues.

Who is right?

via: Reddit

The girl described the situation objectively, in a post on Reddit in which she asked for the opinion of other readers. The woman claims she has never worn a bra in the previous two years, when she had another job, and no one ever complained. During her first day at a new company, she introduced herself as usual to her without a bra. The reason for this choice is clearly related to comfort: the bra is a garment that is as useful to some as it is uncomfortable for many other women. On her first day at work, however, she wore a sweater and a pair of pants, emphasizing that nothing could be seen through the thick wool of the sweater. Evidently, however, her colleagues still noticed her missing under garment and complained about it.

The next day, the scene repeated itself, even though the girl was wearing a t-shirt and jacket, and she was therefore even more covered than on the first day. This time, however, it was her supervisor's secretary who complained, so it was getting more serious. To this criticism, the girl replied that the office has never established a dress code and that employees can therefore dress as they see fit.


image: Pexels

The secretary replied that although there is no specific regulations on employee clothing, there are still "unwritten" rules that everyone abides by within the office. Probably the secretary was referring to "common sense", but the young employee was very embittered by the answer, as she did not believe that she had gone against any rules: her clothes were quite consistent with every situation and did not leave any inappropriate skin uncovered. Is it possible that, despite being completely covered, the lack of a bra can cause so much discomfort in other people? This is the question posed to the web.

What do you think?

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