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"Thanks for everything you do every…
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"Thanks for everything you do every day": they organize a surprise party for the town's only courier

March 16, 2021 • By Alison Forde

In times of economic crisis and global pandemic, the whole human community has come together in a sign of solidarity and mutual aid; even if done remotely, everyone did their part to give a practical hand to those less fortunate than them. There are those who do this for work every day, despite the rampaging of a dangerous virus that requires caution and many sacrifices. For this reason, those on the front line should be celebrated and applauded.

via: TODAY

This is the case with Chad Turns, a UPS courier who never stopped working, not even with the outbreak of the pandemic, the long and difficult period of the lockdown, where all the citizens of Dauphin, Pennsylvania were locked in their homes without being able to have any contact with the outside which were not deemed essential.

Chad was the only courier who took care of deliveries to these US citizens, and for this reason he was often forced to do double the work at a speed and efficiency that it usually required more than one courier do. For all he has done and continues to do for the citizens of Dauphin, Chad has been celebrated properly ...


Pubblicato da Adam Bryce su Martedì 2 marzo 2021

The video posted on Facebook by Adam Bryce, a citizen of Dauphin, shows how the courier arrived with his UPS van and found himself face wtih a real surprise: a group of inhabitants of the Pennsylvania town that he knows very well, seeing that every day he delivers parcels and registered letters to their homes. Awaiting him, was a small crowd cheering him and with a thank you cake for him: "Everyone knows how special Chad is. If he thinks that something could be a gift in a package, and this happened to us too, he hardly ever delivered it when the kids were in the yard, he just went back in his van, and then he came back to our house after dark, because he was nervous. He knew that it could have been a gift for our children and he didn't want to spoil the surprise! "

Well, a courier so attentive, human and caring, who hasn't stopped even for a second despite the very hard period of the lockdown, had to be celebrated in this way: Chad deserves it!

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