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16 fun photos of animals who have made…
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16 fun photos of animals who have made a mess and show no remorse

March 17, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Our pets have always been an invaluable source of friendship and companionship, which we enjoy every day of our lives. But, like all the greatest joys, dogs and cats (and any other pet we choose to adopt) also bring a lot of little frustrations or problems for us. Have you ever left home for a few hours and found a disaster upon your return? The cat knocked over a vase, the dog fought with a pillow and tore it to shreds, the budgie broke your computer keyboard, and so on. What to do in these cases? Unfortunately or fortunately, the adoring gaze of our animal friends softens us every time, so much so that when faced with a gnawed antique wooden table we can only breathe a sigh and try not to think about it anymore. In this list, we've gathered some of the cheekiest animals that have been caught "red pawed" by their owners.

1. "We adopted Attila ...."

2. She's admiring her masterpiece ...

The bathroom seems to be a favorite place for many cats and dogs. Often, these animals follow their owners right into the shower, completely invading their privacy. Other times, however, they can create unpresidented problems, like the cat in the photo: that curtain will need to be replaced!


3. Look at that face! He's not even sorry!

Adding insult to injury, when they don't even seem to show any signs of repentance ...

4. "I can't believe it..."

5. Now, who's going to clean up this mess?


6. "He raided the garbage pail while we weren't home ..."

Just leave them alone for a few hours, or even a few minutes, and you will find yourself faced with disasters of this kind. Mostly they are dogs who don't want to be left alone and who seem almost to take "revenge" against their masters who have had to leave them, betraying their trust, to go to work. 

7. "I will not allow you to have plants, human!"

Best wishes to all those people who hope to find vases and plants completely intact at home, despite the presence of a dog or a cat.


8. "I think I know who the guilty party is..."

9. "I don't know if he's sorry or if he's just laughing at me"


10. "He is not even allowed to touch that table ..."

image: Reddit

11. "The Christmas tree? He un-decorated it!"

You can say goodbye to the traditional Christmas tree - your cat will have it destroyed in moments, making you regret spending so much on all those decorations. Start planning for an alternative "cat or dog proof" tree for next year! 

12. "Look Mom, it's raining Q tips!"

If you let your pets into the bathroom, prepare for the worst and say goodbye to toothbrushes, toilet paper, shower curtains and Q tips.

13. "Get an Australian Shepherd Dog, they said ... it'll be fun"

14. Guess who did it?

15. Another shower curtain destroyed ...

16. No remorse what-so-ever!

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