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A couple want to give their 9-month-old…
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A couple want to give their 9-month-old son up for adoption after family pressured them to have a second

March 14, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Imagine being in the shoes of the couple at the center of this incredible story, who already had a one and a half year old daughter and who felt almost "forced" to have a second baby because her family was pressuring them; what would you do? Would you stand firm on your point of view or would you go along with the wishes and desires of your family? The couple in this story seems to have split the opinions of internet readers ...

A woman, wife and mother of two children, one of two and a half years and another younger of just 9 months anonymously retold her story on Reddit. The woman told users that she and her husband never felt ready to have a second child; they had tried a year ago, but in the end she had decided, in agreement with her husband, to have an abortion without saying anything to his family and her mother. The problem was the opinions of her family which weighed heavily on her: they wanted a second grandchild, but she and her husband did not want to have another child.

Some time later, they tried again to have a child but not because they really wanted to, but because the woman felt terribly guilty towards her mother, she had the impression of having let her down: "The irrational part of me wanted to be forgiven , and the irrational course of action was to have another child. I got pregnant again to my mother's delight and my thought process was that by doing so, I would make peace with her. "

She and her husband knew they would need help from their family to help raise a second child, but at the time of birth, the woman's mother and her entire family had turned their backs on them: the woman's sister had told her mother that she had had an abortion previously; now, she was alone with her husband in this situation, what could they do? The woman says that, now that the baby is already 9 months old, she had seriously thought together with her husband of giving the second child up for adoption, to a family that would have loved him more and would have really wanted him: "Now we have a daughter of 2 and a half years and a 9 month old son. My marriage is starting to be really under strain. We weren't ready for a second child and, honestly, I'm not sure we ever really wanted more than one."

Obviously, Reddit users are divided: there are those who understood the sense of guilt the woman felt towards her mother, and those who instead lashed out against this couple calling them insensitive: how could they consider abandoneding a child even if they didn't feel ready to raise him?

A thorny and complex situation that deserves some discussion: what do you think?


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