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A landlord shows with photos the damage…
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A landlord shows with photos the damage done by renters in just 6 months

March 09, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Those who own a house that they don't live in have three alternatives: sell it, rent it or leave it empty. There are many people who, for fear of the damage that renters can do, decide to sell. There are also many people who, when looking for a rental property, consider the owners difficult and unreasonable. Who is right? Probably both, each case is separate, but here is a man who decided to rent out his property and bitterly regretted his decision. The man, named Jerry, posted a tirade and photos on Facebook that testify to the disrespectful and rude behavior of his former tenants.

1. Trash everywhere.

The man says he rented the apartment to a family on a six-month lease: the family had passed all the checks he required and had references. Immediately after, however, the nightmare began.

2. The living room.

In six months, this family managed to cause damage amounting to about $10,000. Plus, they always paid the rent late.


3. More trash.

This is the risk that owners who decide to rent their house run, continues the man: there is not only the danger that the rent will be paid late or not paid at all, but that the tenants will cause damage of this kind.

4. The balcony.

Garbage everywhere, dirt, drawing on walls, animal feces in the rooms, flies, gnats, a nauseating smell: this is the scenario that man found once he entered the house.

5. The bedrooms.

Just by looking at the photos he took himself, Jerry continues to smell and relive the scene.


6. Filth in every corner.

With this post Jerry wants to make people aware of what owners are sometimes forced to deal with.

7. The sink.

He has always taken care to provide the tenants with a property in impeccable condition: livable and clean. This, however, was the result.


8. Drink stains.

In fact, the family did not in the least act as if they were living in a house owned by someone else.

9. The rabbit cage.

Those who rent a house should aim to keep it in the same condition in which the house was offered to them.


10. The toilet.

Jerry thought he had found reliable people, but obviously he was wrong.

11. Used diapers.

If apparently they seemed like a quiet family, things proved otherwise: Jerry has now learned to be wary of appearances.

12. The bathroom.

Jerry's post provoked many comments and has been shared many times.

13. House flies left hanging around.

And Jerry is happy that he was able to put people who are planning to rent out a house on guard.

14. Writing and drawings on the walls.

The conditions in which you rent it out are not necessarily the conditions in which you will have it returned to you.

15. On almost every wall.

From now on, of course, Jerry will pay more attention to the choices he makes in the future. Even though he now finds himself facing this nightmare, he has learned a great lesson. Are you still convinced, after these photos, that you want to rent your house?


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