A 78-year-old man is "adopted" by his neighbours: they have renovated his house and make him food every day - WTVideo.com
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A 78-year-old man is "adopted" by his…
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A 78-year-old man is "adopted" by his neighbours: they have renovated his house and make him food every day

March 07, 2021 • By Dominic Quirke

The elderly are the memory of the past that never returns but must be remembered by future generations; our grandparents or our parents are the only link we have with recent history and with the origins of our family: let's never forget where we came from and who gave birth to us. Many children, relatives and grandchildren, on the other hand, seem to forget it all the time, abandoning their elderly parents and grandparents in degradation and in the darkest loneliness. Fortunately, however, there are still angels on Earth who are destined to save these peoples lives...

This is the story of Don Roberto, a 78 year old man who lives in the outskirts of Sao Paulo in Brazil, but unfortunately he is left alone; he has no friends and relatives who take care of him or who come to help him, and certainly with the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing, his loneliness has become increasingly acute. No one would come to his aid, until young, kind neighbors changed his life forever ...

Before their arrival, Roberto lived alone and did not even have electricity or hot water for example; moreover, the 78-year-old lonely man lived his days in absolute discomfort: in addition to the lack of electricity or hot water, Don Roberto slept on an uncomfortable sofa, far from the comforts that an elderly person of his age should have.

Everything changed when some willing and kind guys knocked on his door, who offered to renovate his house, prepare him food and take care of him a little: just as if they had "adopted" him!


The boys from his neighbourhood said: "The situation he lives in is very sad and, thanks to the solidarity of a group of neighbours, we came together to renovate his house and change his life for the better. Roberto is a sweet and only now does he accept help, because he was afraid of the Coronavirus. Since then we have taken turns in the preparation of lunch and dinner and we always take great care of him."

Thanks to the solidarity and the collection of the neighbors, Don Roberto now has a new sofa, a more modern television, adequate heating, electricity and hot water; the house it was before no longer exists, now the 78-year-old man's home has become a modern and functional apartment, and all thanks to the solidarity chain of neighbours and communities that has happily "adopted" him.

This is a good deed!


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