The delivery guy who was photographed working with his son in his arms is rewarded with a new home -
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The delivery guy who was photographed…
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The delivery guy who was photographed working with his son in his arms is rewarded with a new home

February 27, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Any parent would only want the best for their child and would never dream of exposing them to any danger or unpleasant situation. It may happen, however, that despite all the efforts on the part of both parents, they are forced to bring their children to work. If there are no family members willing to take care of the child during working hours, the only alternative is for the child to go to work with the parents. The young Brazilian Isaac Nascimento Silva must have thought of this when he picked up his 1 year old son Victor, to go and cover the evening shift as a delivery guy for a take out restaurant. The guy was spotted by a successful local singer, who wanted to share his story in order to help him. Many good things have arisen for Isaac and his family from this meeting, but the most important one only came recently.

All the efforts and sacrifices by Isaac and his wife have paid off and, two years after that chance meeting with Brazilian singer Romarinho, the family is delighted to be able to say they have a roof over their heads. In fact, the time has come for them to move to a new home, which is certainly more welcoming than the previous one. For them it was definitely a step towards well-being and stability.

The image of Isaac's kind and caring face, while holding little Victor, has been around the world, prompting many people to make a donation to help the young man and his family. After the story spread, a fundraising page was opened thanks to which not only was the family able to offer Victor a beautiful birthday party, but also to live with more dignity.

Today, they say they are happy to be able to move to a new home, thanks to the money raised, hoping to be able to offer a better future to little Victor. Before meeting the famous singer, in fact, Isaac had declared that he could not always bring food to the table. He doesn't earn much from home deliveries and despite his father helping him to pay the rent, the family's few earnings all ended up in diapers and milk for Victor. Now, let's hope this situation has changed forever and that Isaac no longer has to carry Victor strapped to his chest during his shifts.


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