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"Do you want me to hold the baby for…
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"Do you want me to hold the baby for a while?": a kind man cradles the baby to keep him calm while the mother is busy

February 26, 2021 • By Alison Forde

It is the small gestures that make the difference every day, the unscheduled acts, which come from the heart of a kind person without malice, ready to lend a hand to those who need it most. These real acts of empathy are often unexpected, and when they happen you can't help but appreciate such kindness. For this reason, the tender image of an elderly man who, while waiting to be called to the doctor's office, offered to hold a busy woman's baby, while she filled out a form...

The scene was immortalized, and then posted on her Facebook profile, by Natasha Wilson, a woman from Alabama who was also in the waiting room at the doctor's office where that good deed happened. Natasha couldn't help but take a sneaky photo when faced with that moment of extreme kindness: there was the woman, Jade West, who was in line for a medical examination, but in the meantime she had to fill out a form with calm and concentration.

The problem is that Jade had her little son with her who was crying and squirming, so an elderly man, also in the waiting room, named Joe Hale proposed to hold the little boy in his arms: "You would like me to hold your child while you fill out the form?"

Obviously Jade's response was surprise; she was moved by the unexpected gesture: "That would be wonderful!" The whole scene took on even more important connotations, and Natasha, the author of the photograph, explained why in her own words: "He was a white man, older than her and he didn't think about the difference in their skin colors. He just wanted to lend a hand to the woman and hold the baby in his arms. He absolutely did not consider skin color in this; in fact, you must know that here in the USA racism is still very real in our society, but this man gave me hope and a beautiful memory that I'll never forget. If you know him, tell him he's an amazing person!"

We are happy to agree with everything that Natasha has said about Joe Hale's nice gesture: he is an incredible person, and we hope that someone has let him know as soon as possible!

If only everyone was kind as this man!



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