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"We will never be parents!": A couple…
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"We will never be parents!": A couple undergo surgery to ensure they have no children in the future

February 24, 2021 • By Alison Forde

For many people, a married couple are not a real family unless they decide to have children and give birth to a beautiful boy or a jovial girl, but fortunately the world is not just made up of black and white, nor of people who follow the usual traditions of marriage, then children. There are young couples today who prefer not to have children but to take care of themselves, their needs and life goals without being pointed out as hypocrites and selfish. All in all, it is a matter of choice.

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The couple at the center of this story live in Colombia and is made up of Nathalie and Andrés; both have always built their romantic relationship on mutual trust and they are on the same wavelength in terms of points of view: both Nathalie and her partner have always maintained that they never wanted to have children, neither biological nor adopted; they would be "satisfied" with raising their pet dogs and would lead a life devoted to their own needs, their goals and the dreams they wanted to pursue.

But don't think that all this is the result of a selfish and hypocritical choice ...

Nathalie and Andrés explained that their decision stems from the deep held belief that the Earth is dangerously overpopulated, and that this excess population is having serious consequences on our Planet. A choice that was celebrated by a photograph that the two posted on their Instagram profile and which obviously generated a lot of debate and controversy from all over the world!

The image shows the two, showing off in the foreground, an appointment to undergo a vasectomy, a surgical procedure that serves to stop Andrés being able to father a child, and which therefore would have allowed Nathalie and Andrés to live free of the risk of an unwanted pregnancy.


The image was accompanied by a long caption: "We want to share our great joy with you. WE WILL NEVER BE PARENTS! We accept a life in which we will only take care of ourselves, we can travel without limitations, walk around the house barefoot and more. However, our main reason is not this, the most important is to contribute to the preservation of the planet which is so overcrowded today. We will not add another human being who will contaminate it in the future!"

Definitely strong words that immediately opened a discussion between those who supported and respected their decision and those who instead denigrated them by accusing them of being selfish and insensitive.

The truth is certainly somewhere in between, but what we are interested in knowing is what you think about the decision this Colombian couple made: do you support their choice of life or not?


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