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A ninety year old leaves a handwritten…
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A ninety year old leaves a handwritten letter to the neighbor: "I feel terribly alone"

February 26, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When we reach the third age, we all feel the weight of loneliness a little more; although we may be surrounded by children, grandchildren and extended family, it is not uncommon to hear heartbreaking stories of grandmothers and grandparents who have been "abandoned" by their children and relatives once they have created their own families. In these very common situations, loneliness becomes an ugly beast to tame: how can you rid yourself of this horrible feeling? 

The protagonist of this moving story is named Wanda, she is 90 and lives alone in her apartment in the city of San Francisco, California. She is a woman who has lived her whole life surrounded by relatives and friends, but who now finds herself living completely alone and suffering from loneliness; for this reason, she one day she built up her courage and wrote a hand delivered letter to her neighbor, asking her if she wanted to become her friend. The letter began like this: "Would you consider becoming my friend? I'm 90 and I live alone. All my friends are gone, and I feel so alone and scared. Please pray for me."

Marleen Brooks, the ninety-year-old's neighbor, was so moved when she read those hand written words that she couldn't help but knock on Wanda's door the same day she received that touching letter.

In going to make the acquaintance of her elderly neighbor, Marleen prepared some sweets and immediately the two women fell in tune with each other; a new friendship was really being born and now Wanda would not feel so alone as before! Of the loving relationship that was born with her neighbor in need of attention and friendship, Marleen said: "I am so happy for Wanda. But as I said before, there are so many other seniors out there who are alone just like Wanda. I would like to ask you to consider the idea of knocking on their door and saying hello. I know it would mean a lot to them. And who knows, maybe that way you'll make a new friend! "

What are you waiting for, go out and knock on your elderly neighbor's door with a big smile on your face: we are sure that they will greatly appreciate your thoughtful gesture!

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