The magic of perspective: 19 photos…
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The magic of perspective: 19 photos that we had to look at twice before we realized what was happening

February 24, 2021 • By Alison Forde

How many times does our sight play tricks on us? Let's think about optical illusions or the various forms of pareidolia and we will understand that we have fallen into a multitude of visual "traps". Often, these are simply photographs taken at the right time, in the right place: capturing the moment, for a photographer, is essential and often also requires a good dose of luck. When you manage to capture a particularly unusual arrangement of objects or vista, you may be confused by the final result and not be able to fully understand what you are looking at. Just look at these 19 photos to understand exactly what we are referring to. We had to look at them twice to really understand what was happening. And you?

1. Is the kid upside down or ... ok, it doesn't matter!

2. Wait a minute, how do you do that ?! Ah ...

image: Reddit

 Well, whatever she's doing, she's doing it well!


3. Better to stop drinking ...

It's difficult to photograph people in the water without encountering these strange effects. Water greatly magnifies our bodies, but a good photographer knows how to get around perspective in these cases. Here, perhaps, he hadn't worked hard enough!

4. Look carefully...

Yes, there are three different people in this photo: can you see them all? Two players hug each other in the foreground, while in the background another player appears smiling and satisfied with the result. We definitely took a few seconds too long to understand what was going on!

5. "My best friend and I took a picture together ... this is the result!"

image: Reddit

6. That car has a portal to another dimension! Oh no ...

7. The man with invisible ankles!

When you can perfectly match the color of your socks with the floor of the subway car, it means that you really care about your look. This man probably takes public transport every day and didn't want people to constantly judge his lack of good taste. So, he got some camouflaged socks!


8. "I thought this ship was pretty dirty, then I realized it was a cake!"

 It looks just like a ship that sailing out on the ocean, among the foaming waves. Instead ... it's a very nice cheesecake!

9. "Don't worry, I'm not trying to roast the dog ..."


10. This is confusing indeed ...

11. The seagull thought: "I choose you!"

12. A "levitating" presentation

13. He was just tired after his walk ...

14. Strange tricks of perspective ...

image: Reddit / VS_CandiceSwan

15. A scary animal? On closer inspection, maybe not ...

16. Wow those bar stools look like giant cocktails!

17. "Here is the cat demonstrating the weather map ..."

18. When you take a photo at just the right time!

19. "Mmh, they said you were an unusual man ..."

Don't worry, if you have needed to concentrate more to understand the nature of these photos, we know how you feel!

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