Rude parents who have failed to teach their children respect: 15 sadly true photos -
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Rude parents who have failed to teach…
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Rude parents who have failed to teach their children respect: 15 sadly true photos

By Alison Forde

Being a parent is not easy at all, the responsibilities are many and fortunately or unfortunately there is no manual on how to raise the perfect child. In any case, there's a big difference between a tired, perhaps a little frustrated, parent trying to do the best to manage their child, and a typically lazy and rude parent. Unfortunately, we only have to look around a little to continually observe bad examples of parenting in all its forms. Children are not born rude, but they learn like little sponges what their parents say and do in everyday life. Let's not be surprised, then, if at the restaurant we meet a rowdy child running between the tables or watching a loud movie on his parents' tablet. Whose responsibility is it? Mum and dad's of course.

In this list we have collected some of the most appalling images of ill-mannered parents - we hope we never have to meet them!

1. She's changing her baby's diaper in the clothing department and is also resentful when they point it out ...

image: Reddit

2. The parents said there was nothing wrong with leaving the library like this ...

Unfortunately, many parents do not realize the damage they do to their own children and to all the other people they meet on their path. Does it seem normal to you to leave a public place in this condition? For some, it seems, it is. 


3. They are the same people who leave the cinema in this condition ...

image: Reddit

4. Shoes on the seat ...

5. No respect for public places


6. Yes, let's change the baby's diaper at the restaurant ... on the table just before the appetizers arrive!

Changing a baby's nappy in a public place is one thing, especially if it's an emergency, but doing it on a crowded restaurant table isn't really acceptable, is it? This mother, on the other hand, had no qualms about it. Luckily she had the decency to use a towel to lay her son down on.

7. The sea of toys they keep at home ...

How can we expect our children to behave well in public, when they are surrounded by other people, if they are disrespectful even in their own home? 


8. Even during a flight they can't keep their children occupied ...

How many times have you been on a flight with noisy and rude characters? Sorry if it is children who raise their voices, but this is yet another demonstration of the failure of their parents.

9. "Excuse me, can you turn down the volume on that tablet?". No reply...


10. Who's going to tidy up this mess?

11. Ok let them play, but isn't this a bit too much?

image: Imgur

12. We're not blaming the baby as much as the mother who is reckless enough to let him go around without clothes on

image: Reddit

13. In the waiting room, children tearing up the magazines

14. And so the other parents saw next to nothing of their children's year-end presentation

15. Respect for other people's things, not shown ....

16. Rrudeness beyond all limits: a used diaper, left on an empty plate at a restaurant.

These are just a few of the many examples of rudeness that can be found around. It is very sad that there are parents who are absolutely unable to transmit a minimum of education and respect to their children. We hope that time and experience will help the little ones improve their consideration towards others: in the hope that they will not become exactly like their parents. 

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