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16 incorrigible dogs with whom it is…
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16 incorrigible dogs with whom it is practically impossible to get angry

By Alison Forde

A dog is man's most faithful friend, yes, but he also knows how to be a real bungler. And no matter what rules you teach him, how much you play with him or how many times you fill his bowl - he will always find a reason to mess around or act weird and funny. There are those who decide to take a bath in the tub with the owner, those who sleep blissfully on the sofa with pillow and blankets, those who decide to forcefully climb into the dishwasher, those who won't let their masters drive in peace and those who take the first bag of food which they finds in the pantry and give it to their owners with a face that seems to say "I was good, wasn't I? Can I have some?". But ultimately, we love them that way: cute, messy but extremely funny.

1. What exactly is he doing?

Why do you need a dishwasher when you have a dog ready to lick every dish clean?

2. Why am I left out?

The owner was taking a bath but someone decided they wanted to join in. Do they both fit in the tub? 


3. Like a baby.

Who needs a dog bed when you have a comfortable sofa with pillows and blankets to snuggle up in? 

4. In a grooming shop.

image: imgur

The person who took this photo must have thought "what are they up to?"

5. I have an itchy paw!


6. Is it possible to drive safely with a Husky breathing over your shoulder?

image: ryl333/reddit

7. He feels hot.

 And has decided to take a bath.


8. Why does she have pink paws?

image: ryl333/reddit

 What has she been up to with that guilty face?

9. Perhaps he needs a hand.

image: imgur

 What kind of silliness is this?


10. And this curious and innocent look?

11. He seems happy with the result.

12. They think they're going to the vet.

image: imgur

 In reality the owners are taking them to the park to play.

13. When you leave your puppy alone for a moment.

14. The neighbor's dog seeks attention like this.

image: imgur

15. He brought a stick to play with his friends.

But the horses don't seem to be particularly interested. 

16. This dog always takes food from the pantry and brings it to his owners, with this mournful face.

image: imgur

The truth is that with their cute behavior and their sweet personalities they fill our days. Even if they make a little mess they also have the knack of being able to melt our hearts with a sweet face or with sorry eyes. Who has the courage to reproach them?

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