At 23 she already has 11 children but she doesn't want to stop: she hopes to have more in the future -
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At 23 she already has 11 children but…
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At 23 she already has 11 children but she doesn't want to stop: she hopes to have more in the future

February 18, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Being a mother is the desire of many women: there are those who would like one or two children, those who dream of twins, those who have always wanted to adopt and those who - not being able to have children - decide to rely on surrogate parents. The case of Christina Ozturk, however, is something else, showing us that every woman approaches motherhood in a totally different way. The young woman, just 23, already has 11 children and she wants to continue expanding her family.

Christina lives with her 56-year-old husband Galip Ozturk, a businessman who owns a prestigious hotel in the coastal city of Batumi, in the former Soviet republic of Georgia. The two met in the subtropical paradise called the “Las Vegas of the Black Sea” and for both of them it was love at first sight. Christina considers Galip her man in her life, her mentor and the prince of her fairy tale. On social media, the couple said they wanted at least 100 children, although she later admitted it was a joke. But the truth is that she Christina still wants to have more children. How did such a young woman have such a large family? 

The woman gave birth to only one of these children, while the other 10 were born to surrogate mothers, carefully chosen after a long process: in fact, the women undergo a consultation and sign legal documents before carrying the babies with Christina and Galip's genes. The couple, aware of wanting as many children as possible, realized that it would not be physically possible for Christina to have so many pregnancies.


Although the young woman admits that it's difficult to raise a large family, spending all day with her children is an immense joy for her. On Instagram she shares this joy and some moments of her daily life. When she is asked about how many children she would definitely like to have, she replies that "there is time for everything". Surely there is no lack of space in the house to accommodate other children and presumably the woman has help to be able to take care of all of them. In fact, almost all of them are only a few months old.

Could you imagine having so many children?



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