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Her son asks for her Wi-Fi password,…
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Her son asks for her Wi-Fi password, but she makes him clean the room first

February 22, 2021 • By Alison Forde

How many times has a parent faced the problem of making their child tidy their room? Probably an infinite number of times: screams and reproaches often have no effect, although they are the option adopted most of the time by mothers and fathers all over the world. But wouldn't it be better, in some cases, to adopt a bit of cunning? A "brilliant" mom used an alternative method to force her son to fix the mess in his room. It all started with an iirresistible desire to play on the computer and, therefore, to access the internet; in fact, the boy first went to ask his mother for the Wi-Fi password. And that's where the fun begins.

The video was posted on the Tik Tok account of the user "SareBear", presumably the mother in this funny story. In the video published, her teenage son appears eager to access the internet, like many kids today, and asks her what the Wi-Fi password is. The woman, in response, tells him: "First clean your room". Resigned, the boy returns with his tail between his legs in his room to do his duty.

After some time, the young man returns to his mother's living room and tells her that he has cleaned his bedroom. Full of enthusiasm he asks her: "So, what is the Wi-Fi password?". The mom's answer left him speechless.

"First clean your room, properly and without missing anything" repeated the woman, giggling under her, aware that she had played a joke on her son that he will not easily forget. Her video has been viewed by more than two million users and has reached almost 200,000 "likes": a not inconsiderable milestone, which probably testifies to the affinity that many other parents have felt towards the situation.

We know that today's kids are very tech-savvy and, especially when they are at home, they can't wait to connect and play or chat with their friends. If they don't have a computer, they have a cell phone, but the concept always remains the same. Past generations were forced to clean their room before watching cartoons, perhaps, or before playing a new video game for a few hours, considered cutting-edge at the time. Today the situation is very similar, but the Wi-Fi password is the key to everything: this is what today's parents can use to gain a little leverage with their unruly children!

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