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"I have goosebumps": 16 photos that…
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"I have goosebumps": 16 photos that can move us

February 21, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Wherever we look around, the world we live in can send us chills and emotions that are unique in their kind; whether it is negative or positive emotions, tears of joy or sadness, whether it is a dazzling smile when faced with the beauty of nature and or the ones we love, we could not live without our emotions and our feelings. For this reason we decided to collect for you some images from all over the world which are capable of making us feel very strong emotions, as if we were taking a ride on a roller coaster of contrasting sensations. Are you ready to smile and cry at the same time before these unique images?

Look how worn the ancient stairs are that take tourists to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa every year!

An image that shows more than many others a state of mind called loneliness ...


A little girl left her stuffed bunny on the train, and suddenly the atmosphere became poetic!

The incredible resilience of this tree: despite being recently pruned, it will never cease to persist!

Sometimes, when you have no friends to play with, you have to be content with little ... poor child!


The sadness in the eyes of this wild animal: due to logging, he lost his home ...

Same bench, same memories: dear grandparents, I will never forget you!


A jar full of coins to pay for coffee: the story behind this shot is moving

The person who took this heartwarming photo said: "My dad is mentally and physically disabled and unable to work or earn money to go it alone, but he had been saving a few coins in the last month for some reason that I didn't yet know. Then I came home from work today and read the note next to the pennies: Coffee money, with love, Dad. "

Whenever there is a storm outside the house, my dog grabs his favorite soft toy and holds it close to him for comfort ...


This man traveled 2,500 miles by plane, a 2 hour drive and a 6 hour hike to scatter his wife's ashes in this magical stream ...

The man who took this magical and moving photograph loved his partner who passed away prematurely, so much that he could not fail to fulfill her last wish: to travel miles and miles to scatter the ashes of his beloved in their favorite place: the perfect image of love!

The joy of a young scientist in front of the fruit of her incessant study!

image: iKojan/Reddit

Behind this thrilling photograph is an extraordinary success story: she is Dr. Katie Bouman, the computer scientist behind the first ever digital image of a black hole. This promising young woman developed the algorithm that turned telescopic data into ground breaking photography that the scientific world applauded a few years ago!

Like grandfather, like son!

The absolute amazement of meeting a mother duck and her ducklings at the front door!

The author of this cute photo said: "Every year this mother duck brings her ducklings to my house and I help her take care of them. This morning I opened my door to 13 new fluffballs so sweet that they I couldn't not welcome them into the house! "

My sister and I recreated an old photograph: good times!

The moment this jogger notices he's invading a very, very special photo shoot ... look what's happening in the background!

image: 123CJP/Reddit

What's better than celebrating the great results of chemotherapy with these adorable kittens? What a memorable day!

Human beings are made of flesh and bones, but at the same time what distinguishes us from other animal species is the consciousness and awareness of our most intimate being and of the world around us; not that other animals do not know how to feel particularly strong emotions, but we humans live our lives guided by our feelings. What would our existence be without a thrill of adrenaline, a rush of sudden happiness, a shattering cry of sadness or joy, a breathtaking view. Without these feelings, we simply wouldn't be alive and we wouldn't be ourselves.

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