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15 couples prove that even with a large…
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15 couples prove that even with a large age difference, unforgettable relationships can be built

February 14, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When starting a relationship it can be natural to make long-term plans, which include building a family and planning everything that would make it happen. When two people are on the same page, then they are more likely to be able to carry out these plans. Often, many young girls prefer to have a stable relationship with much older men, perhaps because their maturity inspires in them a certain sense of security that a man their own age may not be able to convey. The reverse can also happen, of course. A feature that unites several couples of this type, however, is the sense of shame and fear of being judged by those around. Friends, relatives or strangers who might think: are they father and daughter? Or mom and son?

The advice from the people in these photos, who wanted to have their say, is simple: leave your prejudices behind and love whoever you want!

1. "I am 35 and he is 53, we have been together for 3 years and we are great together!"

2. He is 39 and she is 24

This girl said she never felt so good as with her boyfriend. The photo was taken on the day the girl celebrated her twenty-fourth birthday! What can I say: congratulations!


3. She is 23 and he is 40!

This couple were just celebrating his 40th birthday, taking a walk along the coast in Oregon. He certainly carries his years very well!

4. Me (38 years old) and my boyfriend (22 years old)

As this woman herself describes: "We celebrated our first anniversary together yesterday. He surprised me with some flowers and a nice dinner in a French restaurant. I couldn't be happier with how our day went!" 

5. "We're getting married in 5 months!"

image: Reddit

"I thought my partner and I had a big age difference until I found this group," says the girl, 27, referring to a Reddit group where members share their beautiful age difference love stories . "There are so many wonderful couples ... it's really comforting to see other people in similar situations. After 6 and a half years, my partner and I are about to get married!" Congratulations to this beautiful couple!


6. Twelve years of difference and not feeling them ...

 Celebrating his 50th birthday!

7. He is 31 and his husband 51!

These two have been married for 2 years and have been together for 6. The age difference is not a problem for them at all: they couldn't be happier!


8. She is 23 and he is 61: 38 years of a difference!

image: Reddit

This girl was very worried about other people's judgment, especially that of friends and family, regarding her relationship. The two are 38 years apart and they met at work (she was a programmer and he an investor). They are in love, despite the prejudice. What do you think?

9. "Me (30 years old) and my husband (53 years old) are celebrating our wedding anniversary today!"

Despite the age difference, the two have been happily married for 10 years. On the left you can see their first photo taken together, while on the right is one of the most recent ones.


10. "Our wedding day" (she 39 years old and he 26!)

 The young couple have been married for 3 years and, right now, they are even happier together than ever before.

11. "My partner is 53 and I am 22: I love him!"

12. Together for 8 years .. (she's 38 years and he's 64)

13. "Me (23) and my husband (40)!"

The pair have been together for two and a half years and are now having a baby together. Congratulations! 

"Long-term relationships between people with a major age difference can exist!" says this 26-year-old, married to a 50-year-old man. They've been married for 4 years and even have a little girl together: what a happy family!

15. He 49 and she 23: what a beautiful couple!

image: Reddit

She even left her country (the UK) to get a visa to stay in New Zealand permanently. It was challenging getting the visa, but it was worth it!

All these people are "living proof" that long term relationships with much older partners are possible! And not only that: they are also satisfying and full of happiness! Of course, you have to meet "the right person" and take some risks to really understand them, but it is a risk that is run in the same way even with people your own age. And what do you think of relationships in which partners share an big age difference?


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