Man sets aside $360 dollars for a gift…
At 28, this woman decides to have a child even though she is single:

Man sets aside $360 dollars for a gift to his girlfriend: "I took 1 dollar away every time she yelled at me"

September 18, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When we meet the ideal person who knows how to make us happy and loves to be by our side, we try every possible way to make him or her feel good. The best way is to reciprocate their feelings, but on some occasions, a small (or large) gift does not go amiss. For this to happen, it is necessary to have the money to do so and, when this is not the case, the "piggy bank" might have to be raided.

The subject of this story is a guy who saved up some money for a Valentine's Day gift for his girlfriend, but he also did something extra. Whenever she raised her voice and was rude to him - for whatever reason - he would remove a dollar from the savings. The result? Let's see:

via: Daily Mail

Isaac Ramirez is a young man from Santa Paula, California, who became famous on the web for sharing an initiative he took regarding a gift to give to his fiancée, Carolina Fernandez. In a video posted on Instagram, Isaac said that, in one year, he had managed to set aside $360 dollars to buy a Valentine's gift for his partner. This was a very nice gesture to surprise his beloved on the special day dedicated to love - but this was not what made him famous.

In fact, what he said was that every time his fiancée upset him, he removed $1 dollar from the savings. So, in the span of a year, only $40 dollars remained in the stash - a very low figure compared to the starting amount (and which testifies to how often his beloved upset him).

Readers who learned about the story commented on Isaac's choice and were split into two factions. There are those who advised the man to leave the woman, since it is not normal to upset someone so frequently in a single year; then, there were those who, on the contrary, declared that they did not like what Isaac did. "I'm not an expert, but is it normal to behave like this in a relationship?" wrote one person in response to the post.

We do not have the solution to this dilemma, but we are sure that this man has made his choice and it's his way of finding the right partner.


What do you think? Have you ever thought of doing something like this to "test" your partner?

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