18 people who tried to make elaborate…
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18 people who tried to make elaborate birthday cakes with disastrous results

February 18, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When celebrating a birthday, it is traditional to have at least one cake to blow out the candles on. There are several traditional cakes, whose recipes inspire pastry chefs from all over the world, and then there are the personalized cakes, with the most varied and amazing shapes. To tell the truth, these days, the design element comes into play in the realization of a cake, which positively astounds and makes your eyes pop. Not surprisingly, many pastry masters can be considered real artists. Repeating and imitating their "sweetest works" is a very difficult undertaking, at which many people try their hand. The results? Well, unfortunately, they often leave something to be desired, but we know how difficult and challenging it is to create a dessert that is not just delicious, but also visually beautiful and captivating.

The following photos are the testimony of those who tried with all their might to recreate a nice dessert but ... unfortunately, they didn't get the desired results!

1. Is it supposed to be a fox?

image: Reddit

 "We had ordered a birthday cake for our son, taking the photo on the left to the bakery for inspiration." Well, what can we say, it will be hard to explain to their son what exactly the animal on this cake is.

2. Too bad, they almost made it!

image: Reddit

When, at Christmas, you decide to make themed cupcakes but you don't get the right consistency to hold it's shape while it's in the oven. Here is the result: a cupcake that didn't quite make it!


3. "My boyfriend made it for me"

This girl, sharing the photo on the web, declared that the cake has "turned out exactly as expected". We can appreciate the gesture, certainly very romantic, but we ask ourselves, honestly, did it at least taste good?

4. "This year I made my birthday cake all by myself ..."

5. Someone save poor Captain America!


6. OOPS!

image: Reddit

7. Three attempts ...

This person ordered the same cake for their little son's birthday from three different bakeries. Number 3 seems to be getting closer to the original, but why did they opt for such a drastic color change?


8. No, creating a foxy cake is not easy ...

image: Reddit

A good attempt, which the creator in question made for his parent's birthday. Unfortunately the result disappointed him a lot. He added the colored pralines to restore some joy to this hideous "monster".

9. The effort made is evident!


10. Another fox disaster, this time in cake pop form!

11. Here even the reference image was not that great ...

12. Not a bad attempt...

image: Reddit

Baking this Homer Simpson cake can't have been easy, just look at the detail in the hedge in which Homer is hiding.

13. My father's attempt to make a birthday cake

14. A little mermaid?

15. A little disaster...

image: Reddit

16. Elsa, is that you?

What little girl or boy on the face of this Earth would ever turn down a Frozen themed cake? Well, the intentions of those who made it were very noble, but as for the result ... there is still something to work on it!

17. It may not be beautiful, but it might taste good, unfortunately it looks horrible!

BONUS: Well, guys, this is a very faithful reproduction of a (Disney) classic!

Creating a beautiful birthday cake is not at all easy, we know, it takes a lot of practice and the right amount of determination to be able to overcome the first disastrous experiments. Don't give up and always remember that any dessert made with your own hands, for someone, will still be a success and a beautiful gesture of love.

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