15 women who have decided to put on make-up before giving birth to relax and feel confident

by Alison Forde

February 21, 2021

15 women who have decided to put on make-up before giving birth to relax and feel confident

Childbirth is a unique experience in a woman's life. After 9 months of waiting, preparation and emotion, it's not uncommon that on that day you feel a strange anxiety and apprehension you never experienced before. Those who are about to give birth to their first child ask themselves endless questions: will it be painful? Will it all go okay? Will the baby be healthy? How can I best prepare myself? What will others think when they see my expression?

There are those, however, who also ask other questions: how can I relax? How can I look my best during the moment that there will be endless photos, many of which are posted on Instagram? Both influencers and casual users of social networks have decided to wear makeup, or to call in expert make-up artists, to look their best. Is it a fad or a distraction? Probably the second: many women before giving birth decide to undergo beauty treatments to relax. And then, let's face it, looking bright and tidy in such an extreme moment facilitates the publication of the photos on social networks. The hashtag in question is #labormakeup.


1. Contractions? A woman fights them like this.



2. The make-up artist is preparing for the arrival of her princess.


The woman relates: "I was taking a break from contractions and picking up where I left off once the contractions passed. I only put a few of my favorite products in the hospital bag." 

3. She recorded everything for the family.


Despite having contractions, this woman put on her makeup and positioned the cameras to let the whole family participate in that special moment. 

4. Ready to give birth to the baby: glowing!


5. After the first false alarm she decided to make herself beautiful.



6. Makeup helped this woman be distracted.


7. The last photo before the birth should be a beautiful photo: and what eyelashes!



8. She too decided to feel beautiful thanks to her makeup before the big moment.


9. This woman says that, during the birth, she lost most of her makeup due to tears.



10. Her expression is a little pensive, but great make-up nonetheless.


11. She said she couldn't give birth without her super long lashes.



13. Who is more beautiful? You or the baby?


14. She decided to go into labor with her best make-up on.



15. She too wanted to welcome her princess wearing her favorite makeup.


The moment of childbirth was considered, for a long time, to be too intimate to be shared. Social media has certainly contributed to partially changing this perception and many women are not ashamed at all to show themselves before and after the long-awaited event. In addition to making them feel more relaxed and confident, makeup takes away the fear of looking tired and drained.