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A young mother produces almost 2 gallons…
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A young mother produces almost 2 gallons of excess milk a day: with her donations she feeds hundreds of children

February 15, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Breast milk is certainly the best food for babies, because it is rich in all the nutrients they need during the very first stage of growth. There are rare cases in which a mother may not produce milk due to reasons related to previous operations, for example, or in the case of premature birth. Premature babies, in fact, definitely benefit from breast milk but, precisely because they were born early, their mothers sometimes struggle to establish breast feeding. What to do in these cases? Fortunately, there are several generous women who are blessed with having a lot of milk - milk which, in order not to be wasted, is collected in special milk banks and destined for children who need it.

Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra has been renamed by her community "the goddess of milk", a nickname that gives a good idea of how much excess milk she can produce. With great joy Elisabeth decided to donate it to other mothers.

Elisabeth realized she could set up a "milk factory" in 2014 when she gave birth to her first daughter. The woman clearly suffers from hyperlactation, a condition that allows her to produce at least 10 times more breast milk than the average. Blessed by this condition, Elisabeth has decided to use it to give one more chance to many small children who are not lucky enough to receive their mother's milk.

With her second daughter on the way, Elisabeth started to produce milk "full time", also dedicating herself to this activity five times a day. The woman knows exactly how precious all that natural goodness is and, very sensibly, she keeps it and gives it to those who need it most.


Elisabeth is an example to follow when it comes to donating milk: hers is now a way of life. This generous mother began to produce, on average, an amount equal to almost 2 gallons per day. The woman, in fact, spends up to 10 hours a day expressing excess milk. The young mother made an estimate of how many babies she must have fed with her breast milk over the years: about 250 babies, for a total of 160 gallons!

An incredible dedication, thanks to which Elisabeth saves literally hundreds of innocent lives.


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