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A homeless man and his dog find a wallet…
He can't stand having to throw away unsold food every night, so he gives it to the homeless: the company fires him 17 men who have decided to show the world their

A homeless man and his dog find a wallet full of money and decide to return it to the owner

February 06, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Having nothing in life makes us more responsible and makes us understand the true value of things. In a contemporary society where most people are comfortably off, we take all the goods we surround ourselves with for granted and we never realize what is important in our life. Those who have nothing know well how to value what they have, which is why this homeless man's act moved his community in Campo Grande, Brazil.

image: Diario do Bem

Fernando Santana and Manoel Cavalcante have a spit-roasted meat stand on Avenida Mato Grosso in the Brazilian city, and among their most frequent customers is a homeless man who one day, while he was at the counter to buy a skewer of meat, along with his faithful little dog, literally surprised them.

The homeless man sleeps every night near Fernando and Manoel's kebab stall, inside a private parking lot of a veterinary clinic across the street. One day he came to buy a skewer of meat and paid for it; but what moved the two stall holders most was his generous gesture: he had found a wallet full of money (inside there were 680 Brazilian reals) that he wanted to return to its owner!

image: Diario do Bem

The stallholders said, "He returned with it and asked us to find a way to find the owner of the wallet. Immediately a customer said," Please don't make him pay, because I want to pay for his dinner!" Not only was the owner of the lost wallet found and offered a dinner to the generous homeless man, but this poor man without a home and alone with only the company of his faithful dog, gave a heartfelt gift to the two meat sellers: a splendid drawing made with his own hands!

He may not have a roof to sleep under or a family to welcome him every day, but this man on the street undoubtedly has something else: a good heart, generosity and honesty!

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