"You're fat": an 8-year-old girl is bullied at school, but instead of "fighting" she writes a letter to the bully - WTVideo.com
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"You're fat": an 8-year-old girl is…
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"You're fat": an 8-year-old girl is bullied at school, but instead of "fighting" she writes a letter to the bully

January 28, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Managing to raise their children without making mistakes or feeling guilty is a standard to which many parents aspire. The truth, unfortunately, is that even if you do your best as a parent, it will be impossible to control all possible situations in the outside world that your child will encounter. The important thing, however, is to offer solid foundations and firm principles, which can always indicate the right path.

An Australian mother, Mel Watts, wondered several times if she was a good mother to her four children. Now, after her 8-year-old daughter, Ivie, has managed an unpleasant case of bullying at school very well, she has finally come up with an answer.

Mel's answer to her great existential question was entirely positive. To dispel any doubt, the bullying behavior was put in it's place by her 8-year-old daughter, who had been the target at school of some rather unkind words towards her. Children, as we know, can be very hurtful with words and, even in deeds, which can lead to acts of psychological violence and bullying. One of her classmates, in fact, had not very kindly said that Ivie was fat. The little girl, despite having good self-esteem, was particularly impressed by that word, by the way her classmate had defined it.

Not happy with how things had turned out, Ivie decided to write a letter to her classmate, to make her understand the reason why it was offensive and, above all, to prevent her from repeating that word towards her. As Mel pointed out, the letter was by no means a "declaration of war" against her classmate, but a rather diplomatic way of expressing another point of view.


"I will continue to weigh myself, but this is my body, I love who I am and I will never change it and I don't care what others or you think of me. I only care that my mother, my father and my family love me "- with this sentence little Ivie made her mom very proud, proving to be able to defend herself and to have an admirable level of self-esteem.

Mom realized that the classmate probably didn't intend to knowingly hurt Ivie. The two girls reportedly have different personalities and are "getting to know each other and the world." Fortunately, after this exchange, they have overcome their disagreements and are now on friendly terms.

Mel can be really proud of her daughter: she is raising her well!


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