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"Our parents at 20 compared with how…
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"Our parents at 20 compared with how we are today": 12 amusing photo comparisons

January 22, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Being able to equal our parents from every point of view, for those who are from younger generations, is really difficult if not impossible. When we make a comparison between how our parents were at 20 and how we are / were at the same age, we discover such enormous and abysmal differences that we wonder if, in reality, hundreds of years have passed. At 24 there were couples who were getting married and who were already ready for children; couples whose sense of responsibility was evidently much more developed than the current generation. Today, however, it seems almost impossible to start a family at 20 or 23: what has changed? This is not the place to be able to do an in-depth analysis on the changes in our society, but we can still have fun in "spotting the differences", in the succession of generations, thanks to old family albums. Just look back to understand how far we are today from that past reality.

1. "A photo to record my parents wedding day, who got married at 20. Another to immortalize my 20th birthday party"

2. "My parents who were married at 24 .... me riding a unicorn at home"


3. "We are all 21 years old: do you notice any differences?"

4. "My parents had already had my sister at 23 years old. At 23 I just have a bottle of Tequila!"

5. A comparison that clearly shows what the parents were like at 24 and what the daughter is like today, at the same age


6. "Just to remind you how young my parents were. Right, me at the same age"

image: 9GAG

7. "My parents got engaged at 21 ... I passed out after my 21st birthday party!"


8. At 24, we had different priorities

9. "My parents got married at 21 ... I ate cotton candy for the first time at 21!


10. How hard it is to be an adult, right?

11. A rather telling comparison of how his parents were doing at twenty and how he is doing today

12. Marriage at 23 you say? Why don't we just take a nice picture of ourselves while we are skating instead ?!

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