Grandmother dresses up in unicorn blowup costume so she could hug her grandchildren during Covid -
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Grandmother dresses up in unicorn blowup…
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Grandmother dresses up in unicorn blowup costume so she could hug her grandchildren during Covid

July 11, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

How far would you go for a hug? If you're Maureen Sweeney, you would go as far as dressing up in a blowup unicorn costume just to feel the sweet embrace of your grandchildren again. 

The love of a grandmother for her grandchildren is greater and more powerful than perhaps anything on earth. Although Covid-19 tried to keep Maureen from seeing and hugging her grandchildren, her love for them helped her come up with a way to outsmart the virus. After two months of not being able to see her grandchildren due to quarantine and social distancing regulations, Maureen had had enough. That's when she devised a plan that would let her hug her grandchildren without actually "touching" them. 

via: FOX29

What lengths would your grandmother go to just to see you? She may not dress up like a unicorn, but we bet she'd do it in a heartbeat if it meant getting to hug you. That's why Maureen didn't care how ridiculous she looked in her unicorn outfit... if it meant spending time with her grandchildren, the costume was worth every penny. Maureen's grandchildren didn't seem to care about her appearance either. If anything, they were thrilled by the colorful costume their grandmother had on. Like her, they had been stuck inside the house for two months and were so exciting to finally have a visitor. 

The episode took place on May 24, 2020 at Maureen's son's house. Hugh, Maureen's son, and his children Rylan and Lincoln, hadn't seen their grandmother since March 17th. In grandchildren years, that's a very long time! And, to make sure their encounter was completely safe, Maureen waited outside on the street and yelled for them to come out. Minutes later, Rylan and Lincoln went running towards their grandmother and gave her lots of big unicorn hugs!  

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