They said she's too old to dress like a teenager, but she defends herself: "Dress how you like!" -
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They said she's too old to dress like…
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They said she's too old to dress like a teenager, but she defends herself: "Dress how you like!"

January 11, 2021 • By Alison Forde

"Don't let anyone judge you and tell you how you should dress": is the summaition of what Lonni Pike, a woman over 50, in love with life, thinks and shares lovingly on her social channels. An important message that you should try to remove that annoying thought from your brain, if like many people, you fear of the judgment of others, and constantly limit yourself in your choices. The reason why Lonni is the spokesperson for this message is that she, first of all, has made it her philosophy in life. Although she is over fifty, Lonni loves to dress in decidedly youthful clothes, which many would define as "teenaged". What's the problem?

Gray hair and tattoos - this is Lonni's style, who likes to describe herself with these precise words: "My name is Lonni and I am a very ordinary middle-aged woman who has stopped dying her hair and started getting more tattoos, convinced that the fact that I am no longer 20 or 30 years old cannot stop me from doing something really relevant in this world". These are the words of a person madly in love with her life and which should encourage anyone to feel comfortable with themselves.

Lonni only opened her Instagram account in December 2019, but she already has more than 45,000 fans who follow her daily. Many of her appreciate her sporty and "adolescent" style, but there are also those who have criticized her. In particular, there was one troll who commented on a photo of her claiming that Lonni is "too old to dress like a teenager". Lonni doesn't usually respond to this type of comment because she is not interested in the judgment of others, but she has considered it appropriate to do it in the first person, to support those who feel more exposed and hurt by external judgment.


Here is the short video in which the woman responds in kind to the criticism received:

So, she shot a short video on TikTok, explaining how we shouldn't get itoo wound up every time we have to choose what to wear to go out. Her words are clear: "Dress how you like!". And don't let anyone judge you. Lonni shares this advice with a smile, hoping to encourage those in the world who feel more subject to the judgments of others. Her fans really appreciated her response and some users even shared their own experience: "I am 50 years old and I have been told that I am too old to wear long hair and t-shirts with prints. I say that I am much too old so that I care what people think!". On the other hand, when you go to buy a t-shirt with a slogan on it, it doesn't say "to be worn by those under the age of 19".

What do you think about it? Is Lonni right to think like this?



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