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A 5-year-old girl empties her piggy…
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A 5-year-old girl empties her piggy bank to help a school friend in financial difficulty

January 09, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The generosity of some children really knows no bounds and, in many cases, we should refer to them when it comes to good deeds. Compassion, friendship, love: important issues that a 5-year-old child often knows more about than an adult of 35. Sunshine Oelfke is a 5-year-old girl who has become the darling of her neighborhood, and has entered the hearts of many of her fellow citizens, thanks to a simple gesture full of love. The little girl opened her piggy bank and emptied it of all her savings, as she absolutely had to help her school friend in need.

At Sunshine's school, each child receives milk every day, but only if the parents have paid the canteen fees. It sometimes happens that some children run out of milk due to somewhat unstable familial economic situations. Faced with such a situation, teachers can't help but grieve every time they are forced to deny milk to the little ones. Sunshine Oelfke, however, refused to give way to such injustice and, once back home, she decided to open her piggy bank to share her savings with her friend.

When her grandmother, Jackie, saw that the little girl seemed to need money, she asked her why. Her granddaughter's response made her dissolve into a river of tears. The little girl had initially told her that she wanted to bring the money to school for milk and her grandmother told her not to worry, as she had already paid her share; at that point, the little girl looked at her grandmother and replied: "My friend's mother doesn't have the money for milk, while I do." Grandma then stepped in to help Sunshine in her mission by getting the money delivered to the teacher.

A generous gesture that moved many people, so much so that they set up a "small" fundraiser ($19,000!), thanks to which no school child at the school will be left without milk.


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