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A poor man delivers sweets door to door…
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A poor man delivers sweets door to door with a broken bicycle: the police decide to give him a new one

January 07, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused serious damage to the economy of many countries, forcing many people, in the best of cases, to reinvent themselves with new jobs. Those who have lost their jobs due to the crisis do not always manage to recover from this situation. In Brazil, a 39-year-old man was trying to make some money by selling homemade sweets made by his unemployed wife. The man only had an old battered bicycle as a means of transport, which he rented daily, even losing money every weekend. Seeing someone making so much effort, the local police were moved and decided to raise the necessary funds to buy the man a brand new bicycle.

A Christmas surprise that no one expected, and least of all the 39-year-old "delivery boy" who, every day, was trying to make a living on the streets of Jundiaí, in the state of Sao Paulo, distributing cakes and sweets to his fellow citizens. The local police, during a patrol shift, approached the man to investigate what he was doing. When the man explained his intentions, everyone was moved: despite being in a situation of extreme poverty, the man of almost 40 years, rented a bike every day to deliver some sweets to the families of the neighborhood, an enterprise, which allowed him to survive. Some policemen couldn't help but notice the poor condition of the bike the man rented every day for $4.

What started out as a routine check gave the law enforcement agents an unexpected idea: after collecting enough money, the police gave the man a new, modern bicycle. The officers delivered the bike to the man on December 25, Christmas day. And what gift could be more useful and hoped for?


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