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18 mothers from all over the world who…
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18 mothers from all over the world who prove that maternal instinct is an unstoppable force

January 21, 2021 • By Alison Forde

A mom is always a mom; there's no one else in the world capable of creating and ensuring a sense of protection and security like she does. It doesn't matter if we are human beings or animals with two or four legs, if we have feathers, fur or wings, if we are blessed with the gift of speech or not: maternal instincts are inherent in the realm of biology, and for this reason we should always thank our mother for what she has done for us. Here is a very touching gallery of images of mothers of all kinds and places in the world who would do anything for their children.

Tell us that this image doesn't express all the beauty of being a mom!

A mother is always a mother ... even if confined to a wheelchair!


My mother worked as a jeweler for 30 years; now retired, she didn't think twice about changing my iPhone battery!

image: Rush58/Reddit

Mom and son are inseparable!

Even if she's not the biological mom, this dog is so protective of the kitten we recently adopted!


A safe shelter where your babies won't get too much sun. This deer mom has really thought of everything!

The kittens are safe with cat mom!


Mom and son: a perfect photograph!

image: Reddit

A mother's love resists even the passing of time!

image: farmch/Reddit

A grandmother is also a mom, isn't she?

The difference between these two Christmases? The arrival of a baby!

The smile of this newborn in his mother's arms ... such tenderness!

Mother bear and her cubs!

How sweet these elephants are, protected by their mother!

The sweetest kiss of all is mom's!

Welcome to the world, little one!

The hard life of a mother .. but what a satisfying job!

My masterpiece ... and another one is on the way!

image: Reddit
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