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A same sex couple adopt 4 siblings from…
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A same sex couple adopt 4 siblings from an orphanage: "They will be our children forever"

January 02, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Every child should have the right to a roof over their head and a loving family that takes care of them every day, forever. Unfortunately, there are many cases of abandonment and of children who find themselves spending their childhood within the walls of an orphanage. For the lucky ones, adoption by couples desperate to have children happens, and new happy families are formed. For many others, however, the reality continues to be gloomier. Rafael and Pedro, a couple married since 2011, had long ago decided to adopt, even taking into consideration the long and tortuous bureaucratic process and the normal difficulties that a parent, especially at the beginning, can encounter.

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Rafael de Souza and Pedro Miguel de Souza were introduced to three brothers and a little sister, who all lived together in residential care in the city of Parintins, in the state of Amazonas, Brazil. The couple, married since 2011, have worked hard to realize the dream of building a family: it took 3 long years to formalize their status as parents. A long period, therefore, in which both had to be interviewed extensively and have been put to the test before taking this important step. A fundamental factor to be evaluated for the adoption to be successful was the connection that has been created over time between the couple and the children. Fortunately, the children were becoming more and more enthusiastic and, with each visit, they couldn't wait to see them again and to go and live happily all together.

Tudo começou em agosto de 2018, com a entrada do processo no fórum, passamos pelo curso de pais adotantes, várias...

Pubblicato da Pedro Miguel Souza su Giovedì 29 ottobre 2020

"After taking the decision to adopt," said Pedro and Rafael, "we tried to discover the various forms of adoption and were very well received and informed by the professionals from Parintins District. Today we cannot imagine our life before arrival of the children. They have arrived, they have changed our lives for the better and will be our children forever. " Also giving a hand (and a lot of love) to this beautiful family was Pedro's mother, who at the age of 66 found herself with her great joy of being a grandmother. Today they live happily, amidst the difficulties and joys shared by all the parents in the world.

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